MONSTER ISLAND TOYS – A Great Place To Visit!


One of the highlights of the Daves Zoo Tour 2014 has been the little side trips we have been doing, exploring other interests outside of the animal kingdom. On my second day in the Chicago area we visited a store that is a dream come true, as it caters to Godzilla fans. The name of the store is Monster Island Toys and though it is kind of unassuming from the outside, the inside is chock full of eye candy for Godzilla fans and toy lovers!


Monster Island Toys is located at 750 W. 35th Street in Chicago and you can visit their website HERE! In addition to having a cool store, they also do a great mail-order business for those of us that do not live in the Chicago area. Though the store is not very large, they do cram a lot into their small space, making the most of available shelves and display cases. When you enter the store it is pretty much divided in half, with the left side devoted to kaiju and the right side being devoted to horror and science fiction themed toys. I must say it was very cool to see shelves the length of the store showcasing Bandai Godzilla and Ultraman figures! There is also an area featuring Godzilla DVDs, all of which are direct imports from Japan. Though the prices may be slightly higher than what you might find on Amazon or eBay, it is a rare event to find a store of this magnitude! If you are in the area I highly recommend checking this store out and of course I cannot recommend enough supporting businesses like this! Parking was a little tough but we did find a lot a short block away and walked to the store. This store is definitely a monster kid’s dream come true!






~David Albaugh


3 thoughts on “MONSTER ISLAND TOYS – A Great Place To Visit!

  1. RIPOFF! I ordered a DVD and never got it, I waited a month, but they ran the charge within 48 hrs. Don’t bother emailing them, they never reply.

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