2012 Rock n’ Shock Horror Celebrities!


Conventions in the New England area are few and far between. Luckily though we do have one that comes back every year…ROCK AND SHOCK. Though small compared to conventions like HorrorHound Weekend, it still attracts the very best in horror and science fiction and is a guaranteed good time. Unfortunately, this year the Daves were unable to attend but thanks to their friend Brock Papineau, we are able to bring you a series of pictures to show you some of the great talent this convention draws!!! We want to thank Brock for these pics! ENJOY!

156589_4088283124468_1142701443_nArtist Joel Robinson

254448_4088352006190_932091945_nBill Moseley

Danielle Harris

524918_4088276324298_1349345843_nGreg Ansin from the Drive-In Horrorshow

58382_4092744115990_71929654_nSarah French

58784_4088329125618_288007514_nDavid Naughton

546888_4088394647256_1019141929_nSid Haig



576379_4088309805135_1430958365_nRichard Horvitz

576379_4088309845136_52786293_nAdam Green and the cast from Holliston

576861_4088257883837_1945217666_nHeather Langenkamp

580816_4088415087767_924966527_nMichael Berryman

644673_4092746956061_1994965921_nJoe Knetter

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