Winners of the SPaCeTaSTe GaLLeRY SkuLLFeST 2012!

The Daves would like to congratulate the following winners of SPaCeTaSTe GaLLeRY SkuLLFeST 2012! For more information on these amazing skulls please check out Dave Fuentes’ original blog HERE!

Martha Yochum won Monster Mash by Glenna Preradovic signed by Svengoolie

David & Jen Yurgil won “Dear Mam-ma” by Trebor Mckee

John Lafleur won “In Depth with Eternity” by Yulia Lacek

Mike Rende won “Phantom Pride” by Tiffany Hammond

Richard Dunne won “Too Tan Sam” by Susan Giugliano

Becca Killingsley won “SymmeTreeCal Combustion” by Carl Brahms

John Lafleur won “Flower for Mel ” by David Yurgil

Martha Yochum won “Chalking through the Garden” by Karen Bach

Rich Wagner won “Woody” by Dave Metzger (Dave Metzger is on right pictured here)

Helen & Dave won “Retrochic” by Emily Lambert

A happy supportive family won “Goggles” by Mike Rende

A happy supportive family also won “Viva Frida” by Frances Hernandez

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