Damsels and Dinosaurs: Antonia Dorian and the Art of Frazetta!


Written by Dr. Destruction…

Back in Junior High, I was one of many aspiring young artists who enjoyed drawing comic book characters. I guess 9th grade is when adolescent boys start to notice the opposite sex and I became enthralled with female comic heroines. While many of my talented friends were sketching Marvel’s “The Incredible Hulk,” I preferred drawing their lesser known characters such as “Valkyrie.”

Pretty soon ALL I was drawing were female characters which eventually led me to more adult B&W comics such as “Vampirella” and the inevitable discovery of artist Frank Frazetta. He and Frank Thorne (“Red Sonja”) became my heroes and I believe their influences helped me master the female form in ways many of my contemporaries never could. Frazetta’s full-bodied women have never lost their fascination. Art is the result of “obsession,” after all, and the relationship between an artist and the female body is a marriage of eternity.

The art of Frank Frazetta

Many years later, in the mid 1990’s, I happened upon a film playing late at night on Cinemax called DINOSAUR ISLAND. It was this movie that first introduced me to the beautiful actress who, to me, embodied the very essence of a Frank Frazetta painting. I was floored when I discovered that her name was Antonia Dorian! The coincidence of her name along with my own fascination with Oscar Wilde’s Dorian Gray further cemented my interest. I immediately scoured the Internet to find her in the hopes I could interview her for my Big Top Radio Show.


By midday I was on the phone with this gorgeous woman! I could not believe how charming she was as well as her candor when discussing her work in DINOSAUR ISLAND.

She informed me that her father had adopted the name “Dorian” from the “Dorians of ancient Greece.” Antonio had also played in other horror send-ups such as TALES FROM THE CRAPPER, THE BARE WENCH PROJECT, and GHOULIES IV!


I have recently completed a phone interview with Antonia and will be featuring it on my weekly show, “The Crimson Theatre!” She’s promoting a new book she’s featured in titled, “The Last Harem” written by George Saunders (another coincidence as actor, George Sanders, played in my favorite film adaptation of THE PORTRAIT OF DORIAN GRAY). As always, Ms. Antonia was a pleasure to talk to!

Please check out her amazing new book by clicking HERE!

“Antonio Dorian” created by Dr. Destruction

Dr. Destruction~

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