Those Crazy, Costumed Women at Horrorhound Weekend!

img_7148This awesome devil creation is Jaimie Dennis.

This year’s HorrorHound Weekend in Columbus, OH was a tribute to women in horror, featuring such awesome guests as Lori Cardille, Cassandra Peterson, Pam Grier, Julie Adams and Tippi Hedren. One thing that amazed me though were the women guests in costumes! Every horror convention is loaded with people in costume, usually showcasing that person’s favorite character from their favorite horror film. More often than not these costumed characters are guys, but at this event we were treated to a lot of women in costumes. What was even better is that in almost all cases the costumes were original creations and I was very impressed!

As you will see below a lot of work went into not only the clothes, but in the makeups themselves! In the coming weeks I hope to bring you individual blogs on the women themselves showcasing their creativity and what started their interest in horror.

img_44981This is one of my favorite characters…Lillabe Klown Wilbur by Amanda Reevenge.

img_4737This is another Amanda Reevenge creation. 

img_7282I am not sure who this was but thought this was also an interesting creation.

img_4435This amazing Bride Of Frankenstein interpretation, another favorite, is by Acid Pop Tart


img_4730This was called the Saran Wrap Zombie at the costume contest. The creator? Kelly Harris.

img_4616I am not sure the name of this bloody creation, but under all of that makeup is Stacia Gorsuch!

img_7166Thanks to Sasha Mullins for her incredible work!

 As you can see there were no limits to the imaginations and creativity of these women. It was so refreshing to see something new and exciting to offset the normal Freddys, Jasons and Michael Myers. Hopefully we will be able to bring you more on these talented women soon! Also look for an overview of the costume contest, hosted by the one and only Late Dr. Lady and Miss Gory Rae!

~David Albaugh

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