2012 Horrorhound Weekend Ohio: And so goes the Horror Nation…


It was a gloomy day in Chicago when I picked up the “other Dave” at  Midway Airport. Despite a delay in getting our rental car and a GPS system intent on sending us on a scenic tour of Ohio, we arrived at The Crowne Plaza Hotel in Columbus soon after HORRORHOUND WEEKEND began. The accommodations were nice and we were fortunate to have gotten our room there as the demand for the event was such that many guests had no choice but to stay at neighboring hotels.

In many ways this event reminded me more of the FRIGHT NIGHT FILM FEST I’d attended last July (see story HERE) than previous Horrorhounds. The rooms were spread out and, if you weren’t careful, you might miss something. Opening nights are usually the best times to conquer fan conventions but both David and I remarked that this was one Friday that appeared busier than most Saturdays. We decided to walk around and familiarize ourselves with our surroundings, while snapping away at the various monsters (fans) that always add so much fun to these occasions.

img_7148The Devil wears Albaugh

img_4629Fuentes goes “Green”

img_4616Be careful not to lose your heart to Stacia Gorsuch

img_4435This is one gal who makes “Cruella de Ville” look like a playful dalmation puppy!

The theme of this event was “Women in Horror” and there were plenty of female celebrity guests representing a wide range of genres. Hitchcock’s star of THE BIRDS, Tippi Hedren was joined by THE CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON’s first love, Julie Adams, and many more (and yes we will be covering many in the coming days/weeks.

img_4488The Daves with Julie Adams from THE CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON

Of course, we Daves always have a special place in our hearts for horror hosts, and this year they were given two rooms across the hall from each other. While there weren’t as many in attendance as previous Horrorhound Weekends, there was still a hearty number and we were pleased to finally meet a few we’d never met before, such as the legendary “Man-eater of Manayunk,” Stella Desire!

img_7132Stella with David Albaugh!

Aside from celebrity encounters, other highlights would include a memorable costume contest, Horror Host Hall of Fame inductions, and lots more! So stay tuned, dear readers, for all of these brand new “Tales from Horrorhound Weekend!”

Dave Fuentes~

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