Tribute to Indianapolis Horror Host Sammy Terry!

One of the more emotional and heartfelt moments of the Horror Host Hall of Fame ceremony that took place at Horrorhound Weekend convention in Indianapolis last March came with the induction of one of Indiana’s own. Captain Crypt and Fenriz Fatal were given the honor of inducting one of the country’s most prolific ghouls – Sammy Terry! The two hosts became visibly emotional while delivering their tribute and it was clear that, unlike many of the inductees whose awards were presented by hosts who didn’t have Clue #1 as to who they really were, these two clearly did. There is no doubt that the best folks to tributize any celebrity is the “fans” themselves and we Daves wished that could have been the case for all of them.

Captain Crypt & Fenriz Fatal

This past year, I approached various Sammy Terry fans including the Horror Dungeon guys, a couple of die hard fans I met at DAYS OF THE DEAD this past July, and a fan who wrote us asking that he be added to the report while supplying an update. All of these people promised to send some memories along for a proper tribute but, at this date, none actually came through. Let this be an open invitation to them and ANYONE else reading this post to please feel free to share their Sammy Terry Memories in the comment portion of this blog.

Radio personality, Bob Carter, created the Sammy Terry (play on the word “cemetery”) back in the early 1960’s. He would enjoy a long tenure as Indianapolis’ host spanning the greater portion of three decades!

After Indiana station, WTTV, purchased the famed “Shock Theater” package (over 50 classic horror films released to television in the late 1950’s) they (like many other stations across the country) opted to have a horror host present the films. Sammy Terry began as a “voice over” host before his popularity would eventually lead to him performing in front of the camera. Hosting via “Nightmare Theater” which ran up until 1989. Recently, the torch has been passed to his son, whom I got to speak with at the aforementioned DAYS OF THE DEAD.

Like many hosts, Sammy Terry also had a sidekick – in the form of a floating rubber spider named “George.”

Those attending the Hall of Fame ceremony who may have been unfamiliar with the Indianapolis host, were given a clear idea of what he might have been like as his own son, dressed in his father’s iconic costume, took to the stage and accepted the award and his behalf. Sharing his own story of what it was like to grow up having a horror host for a father. Below is the entire Sammy portion of the Hall of fame induction…

Please share your own Sammy Terry memories with us! Also visit the official Sammy Terry website by clicking HERE!

Dave Fuentes~

3 thoughts on “Tribute to Indianapolis Horror Host Sammy Terry!

  1. This is such a great article . My wife grew up watching Sammy Terry and I for one am glad that she had chance for such memories, ( preparing her for the time in her life when she would eventually meet and marry a “horror host” lol) . If not for the elders in any craft and art none of us would ever know what or even how to be a Horror Host. From the reruns and clips I have seen of Sammy Terry I have to say he was one of the best. Thank you for having a place to remember such great ones and giving those of us something to aspire to someday. your fiend, Bobby Gammonster – Internet Horror Host of Monster Movie Night

    • Thanks for the feedback and I sure wish I’d known you & your wife were fans as your memories would surely have made a more fitting tribute than mine. Consider that an open invitation should you like a post of your own on this subject in the future!

  2. I remember Sammy Terry scaring me a lot. It wasn’t until my father told me about Bob Carter that I wasn’t as scared. One time I had a dream that a full moon turned into Sammy Terry and was following me around. Good times. Thx Bob for a lot of memories. VanPastorMan

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