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Freakhouse Flicks Brings Horror to Center Stage!


The creepy crew of Scarevania’s Freakhouse Flicks  made their live stage debut July 21st at  The White Rabbit Cabaret in Indianapolis, IN. As the patrons made their way to their seats they were greeted by a stage scene depicting the inside of a “10 in 1″ sideshow tent. As the house lights went down, the evening was kicked off by carnival talker (and leader of the Freakhouse Flicks gang) Francis D. Pickles!


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Godzilla Kaiju Works of Art: G-FEST XIX Gallery Photos!

img_30591“Katsura’s True Love” by J.D. Lees

Behold some of the great Kaiju-inspired works of art on display in the G-FEST XIX Artist’s Gallery…


Saddle Up, Cowpokes: It’s High Time For The Little Boots Rodeo (And Svengoolie)!

The Daves would like to welcome back guest blogger Jamie Lee Cortese! We always appreciate her contributions to this site!


Community events, in my experience, can offer up a surprising amount of fun.  The annual Little Boots Rodeo in Elk Grove Village is no exception.

Like the previous year, this year’s Rodeo was two days (Saturday, June 23, and Sunday, June 24).  To the extent of my knowledge, the various offerings at the event were the same both days.

Among the returning attractions was a pair of mechanical bulls.  These particular bucking bulls are designed for, as the event’s moniker suggests, the “little boots” moseying around the Rodeo.  Although anyone can saddle up and try his or her luck, as a general rule, if you find yourself sitting down on the bull rather than hoisting yourself up onto it, then don’t expect to go tumbling to the inflated terrain below except of your own accord.  For the junior cowpokes, however, it offers a fun opportunity for them to brush up on their bull taming skills without their parents worrying about their safety.


G-FEST XIX Monster Costume Parade: Godzilla Fans Stomp the Catwalk!


Without question, the MOST popular facet of G-FEST is the costume thread! Fans who spend the better part of the previous year creating their own Kaiju inspired costumes head to Chicago to each July to partake in one of the most unique contest contests around. This was my ninth G-FEST and it amazes me just how much its grown since I tried my hand at costume making and entered my own kids in the contest years ago.


Horror Hostess Stella Desire Glides into BLOBFEST 2012!

TERROR BEYOND THE DAVES is honored to have the inimitable STELLA DESIRE as our Guest writer, sharing her experiences at BLOBFEST 2012!

It was about 104 degrees outside the theater so I’m surprised my make-up isn’t still running down my face in streaks!  I thought at one point my cleavage would melt but, fortunately, it didn’t.


PIRANHA 3DD – Did we really need this sequel?


First off, let me say that I am a big fan of not only the original PIRANHA movie from 1978 but also the 2010 remake. The 2010 version has a lot going for it including a likeable cast, over the top gore effects and some pretty cool 3D. Unfortunately the sequel offers none of this.


A GODZILLA-sized Welcome for SVENGOOLIE at G-FEST!


When I say that it was a dream come true for National Horror Host, Svengoolie, to be a guest at the quintessential Godzilla event, G-FEST, I am really not kidding! I rediscovered that Sven was back on TV in 2003 and went to my first G-FEST in 2004 – wondering for the last 8 years why the two had never joined forces. After all, this was the Horror Host who helped cultivate my love of these films back in his “Son of Svengoolie” days. He’s also family & fan friendly, and there are few other events that capture that spirit like G-FEST does.


10 QUESTIONS with Ohio Horror Host A. Ghastlee Ghoul!

Terror from Beyond the Daves is pleased to share a recent interview with our friend, Ohio Horror Host – A. Ghastlee Ghoul…


G-FEST XIX Godzilla & Kaiju Models: Sculpting Scares and Creating Magic!


I have to confess that my favorite part of G-Fest is checking out the amazing models created by fans and put on display during the weekend. I had tried my hand at it a couple of years too but found out that I am better off sticking to writing as opposed to model-making. This stigma, however, is a personal issue, as ALL ages and skill levels are not only welcomed but encouraged here.


Horror Host Mash Up: When East Meets West!


BY BRIAN MAZE: In Fairfax, Virginia the PERFECT STORM of Horror Hosts converged to join together at The Monster Madhouse to host THE BEAST WITH 1,000 EYES!


Rockin’ Ribfest Recalls First Meeting with Horror Host Svengoolie!


Less than 48 hours after seeing Svengoolie at the “Joliet Slammers” game (story featured HERE), I found myself headed out to see him yet again. This time the location was Northwest of Chicago in the rural town of Lake in the Hills, Illinois and the occasion was their annual “Rockin’ Ribfest.” Although the terrible heat and humidity that had plagued his baseball game appearance had since dropped, they had still managed to drain me. Therefore, despite my reputation on Facebook as being a certifiable “Svengoolie Stalker” (a title I wear like a geek badge of honor), I have to confess that I was ready to forgo this outing in favor of a day of rest. Fortunately, my 14 year old son, Alex, had just returned from a month long trip to Colorado the day before and had no intention of missing a chance to see his favorite host along with a slab of BBQ ribs.


GEORGE BARRIS CHARITY CAR SHOW: Monster Motor Cars prove Hell on Wheels!

Special Guest Blogger – Joan Yingst!

Okay, I admit it. I am not a car person. Never was, never will be. Cars are, to me, a necessary evil; always needing to be maintained an sometimes requiring lots of cash to do so. Yet, when I happened upon a notice advertising the Volo Auto Museum’s 12th Annual  Charity Car Show would be featuring the featuring the legendary Munster Coach and Dragula cars reunited after 46 years, something inside me went, “Hmmmmm.”


Svengoolie Hits a Home Run at Joliet Slammers Game!


As Chicago was amidst one of its worst heat waves to date; with temperatures hitting the triple digits several days in a row, the last thing I wanted to do was go to a baseball game. I’m by no means a sports fan and the last time I went to any such event was probably about 20 years ago. I’m not sure of the circumstances, but you can bet it involved me being dragged there. This however, was no ordinary game. Taking place far from Chicago’s “US Cellular” & “Wrigley Fields,” in the town of Joliet, Illinois, is a lesser known stadium called “Silver Cross Field.”  On this Friday night, it would boast a “Fright Night” horror theme while featuring, as its guest of honor, National Horror Host, Svengoolie! In a situation such as this, I was much more eager to indulge in “America’s favorite pastime.”


The Evil Puppets at 2012 “Days of the Dead” Indianapolis!


Where else could you find evil puppets such as “Billy” from the JIGSAW in Ruby Red Slippers like THE WIZARD OF OZ, GHOULIES, “Gizmo” from GREMLINS (though technically not evil), CRITTERS, and even that pesky gopher from CADDYSHACK? Why that would be DAYS OF THE DEAD of course, which took place this past weekend!


Penny Dreadul & Ghoul A Go-Go Dance-off at Monsterbash!


When Ghoul A Go-Go frontrunner, Vlad Tepis, was unable to appear at this year’s MONSTERBASH it was Shilling Shocker’s Penny Dreadful to the rescue! The crafty New England witch made a spell-binding replacement, all done last minute. Ghoul A G-Go is a popular show combining monsters, laughs, and dancing! They’re regulars of the premiere Pennsylvania  Monster event but the absence of Vlad (which Penny jokingly explained was due to his protest of the DARK SHADOWS remake) created a bit of a dilemma in lieu of their scheduled performance. You see, Vlad is the only member of the trio who actually speaks! (NOTE: Out of respect for the wishes of Ghoul A Go-Go, all photos and video are B&W).


Elvira: Mistress of the Dark “Loves her some SVENGOOLIE!”

Recently we shared some pictures taken by Svengoolie fan, Jerry Victory, while visiting the host at The Little Boots Rodeo. Jerry also had the privilege of addressing Elvira: Mistress of the Dark during a recent appearance on The Stephanie Miller Show. Svengoolie and Elvira met at The Flashback Weekend convention in 2008. See that clip below… and she had this to say…




During MONSTERBASH 2012, I was sorry to leave early and not catch the big debut of Dylan Druktenis’ NUKA-SAURUS. Dylan, of course, is the son of Dennis Druktenis who publishes one of our ALL-TIME favorite periodicals SCARY MONSTERS MAGAZINE! We Daves have been honored to have had some of our articles printed over the last couple of years in this great REAL Monster Mag! On Saturday night when the convention was just getting revved up (and I was fizzling out, see story HERE) Dylan’s film was presented to an audience for the first time.



National Horror Host Svengoolie has been doing a whirlwind tour of summer appearances which included at stop at The Little Boots Rodeo in Elk Grove Village! I was attending Monsterbash that weekend and asked our dear friend, Jamie Lee Cortese, to cover this event with the same amazing detail she did for us last year (relive that great experience by clicking HERE). I did end up making it to his appearance that Sunday after all but, as I was fatigued from travel and the blistering heat, would be far less effective at handling this event like Jamie can. She attended both days with her amazing family and I can’t wait to hear the full story coming soon!



Open letter from Kenosha Horror Host, Dr. Destruction, to fans of The Big Top Radio Show…

It has been almost a year now since I brought back the Big-Top Radio broadcast. With all the connections I had made since it originally aired in 2009, I looked forward to it making a huge comeback and indeed it had. The AM radio show was a wild combination of Horror Hosts and underground bands that, as a fan, never got the air play that I felt they deserved. Having Horror Host guests like Svengoolie, Count Gore de Vol, Son of Ghoul, Stella Desire, and Ivonna Cadaver along with musical guests such as Sylvain Sylvain, Cheetah Chrome, and Sami Yaffa was like a dream come true for me.



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