Freakhouse Flicks Brings Horror to Center Stage!


The creepy crew of Scarevania’s Freakhouse Flicks  made their live stage debut July 21st at  The White Rabbit Cabaret in Indianapolis, IN. As the patrons made their way to their seats they were greeted by a stage scene depicting the inside of a “10 in 1” sideshow tent. As the house lights went down, the evening was kicked off by carnival talker (and leader of the Freakhouse Flicks gang) Francis D. Pickles!

He was soon joined by his henchman Nibbles the Clown, and his #1 sideshow attraction, Punkin the Pinhead. After a short cartoon presented by Nibbles, Francis explained that the audience would be treated to a viewing of the classic 1868 film NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD. However, this was to be an interactive experience. The audience was encouraged to commentate on the movie, while the freaks milled around and did the same.


Nibbles made his rounds to the tables making all sorts of balloon animals (however, they all seemed to be the same phallic looking hat at the end). Every 20 minutes or so the movie would pause and they would again take the stage, throwing out freebies and inviting audience members up to spin their wheel to win a prize.

Just before intermission the screen raised , and the “Freakhouse Flicks Late Night Talk Show” began. The nights guest, amateur zombie wrangler, Eugene Jackson and  three of his zombie friends. After the movie had ended it was time for “the blowoff”, a special burlesque dance by The White Rabbit Cabaret’s own Alabaster Betty! This girl took it off! I mean she took it ALL off, right down to her bones!


It was a night of scares, laughs, and a whole lot of wrong. Hopefully there will be many more.


The Daves would like to thank the guys at Scarevania’s Freakhouse Films, Francis D. Pickles, Punkin and Nibbles for this contribution. If you do get to see these guys like we highly recommend them! We met them this past March at HorrorHound Weekend and it certainly left a lasting impression!

~David Albaugh

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