Godzilla Kaiju Works of Art: G-FEST XIX Gallery Photos!

img_30591“Katsura’s True Love” by J.D. Lees

Behold some of the great Kaiju-inspired works of art on display in the G-FEST XIX Artist’s Gallery…

img_3081“Technicolor Godziller” by Matthew Harris

img_3071“Hedorah & Titanosaurus Bags” by Meghan Charochak

img_3074“G vs R” by Robert Pasternak

img_3065“Mothra Hatches” by Beau Wickman



img_3068Stuffed Kaijus – Artist please send us your name!

img_3072Drawings by Stephen Schilling

img_3060Colored Pencil & Ink drawings by Jon Legrand

img_3073“Smogged Out!” by Jesus’

img_3063Clipboard Godzillas by Robert W. Pelto

img_3075Given the Svengoolie “Seal of Approval”

Dave Fuentes~


3 thoughts on “Godzilla Kaiju Works of Art: G-FEST XIX Gallery Photos!

  1. I wish someone could help me get in touch with Robert W. Pelto who did the Clipboard Art. I tried without sucess to contact Him.

    My email Address is Avalon40@msn.com.
    Please email me Robert I have a monetary offer for your Art, it could be big!

    • Lynn, I’m sorry you’re having no luck. Other than snapping those pictures of his work, I never met him nor know how to contact him. I wish you the best on your continued quest!

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