Christmas comes early this year……… She Was So Pretty: Be Good For Goodness Sake

Be Good for Goodness sake 2

FULL DISCLOSURE: I donated to an online fundraiser to help produce this film. The “thank you” was a producer credit.

This past summer while at Days Of The Dead at Indianapolis I was able to see She Was So Pretty and meet the director Brooklyn Ewing (review of film here). While speaking with her I found out that the sequel was almost complete and with some luck would be out in time for Christmas 2017! She Was So Pretty was her debut film and she freely shared that the sequel was going to be so much better. Brooklyn said she learned so much making the first one and who could forget her selling pitch: anti-pirate edition, don’t pirate-buy it. I bought it! And If you read my review of the first film, you know I loved it, and that my hopes were high for the sequel. Indie film making at its best is about the story and making it come to life with what you have. Brooklyn worked her magic again.

She Was So Pretty: Be Good For Goodness Sake is Brooklyn Ewing’s sophomore film which had its world premiere recently at the Nightmares Film Fest in Columbus Ohio, as well as the convention premier at the DOTD Chicago fest in November. Needless to say I was too far away to attend either, but was able to watch a screener, thanks to Brooklyn and DIRT CANDY productions.

She Was So Pretty: Be Good For Goodness Sake brings back Jerry Larew Jr. (as Alfie the serial killer still in search of the girl of his dreams) just a few months after She Was So Pretty left off. Ms. Ewing delivers what she promised – a tighter, bigger, and better film. With this film the director had more help in the production which resulted in a more polished film. Along the way Alfie meets Eleonore, and he thinks she may be the one. Little does she know what she is getting into, and maybe neither does he? Of the new cast of characters Destiney’s was the stand out. She was shy and was able to hold your attention when sharing the screen with Alfie.

There are a few glimpses into Alfie and why he does what he does, and maybe hopes he can change. Maybe? I just wanted the film to be a bit longerso that they could delve into Alfie’s past. Perhaps show his childhood and show us what went wrong!

The story plays out very nice and with the holiday setting, it added another layer into the story and more into Alfie’s personality. The addition of Joe Huck editing and assisting on cinematography can be seen on much of the film and how it was cut.

Alfie is back with some holiday cheer along with Detective Baldwin (he looks a little different) when it quickly gets back to the….KILLING. I didn’t think Alfie could get more creepy but I was wrong, he does! I am not sure if Detective Baldwin is more hell-bent on killing or over the last few months he has come into his own and Alfie still carries his case of “tricks” where ever he goes. This means killing is just around the corner.

SWSP 2 Stills (14)BAG

The overall production is very well done on a micro indie budget. The soundtrack is full of original tracks and plays a huge role in the tone and pacing of the film. Brooklyn has taken the creep factor to a new level as we are along for the ride with Alfie and Detective Baldwin as it leads to a final conclusion. This film will be out soon on VOD, Vimeo and other formats. I can’t wait to see what Ms Ewing has up next.

SWSP 2 Stills (13)

Too often sequels fall short of the original, but not this time. Brooklyn Ewing has made another gritty Indie film for all of us to enjoy. His work is right on the screen for you to decide.


Dear I say this is a new Holiday Classic? Perhaps this is not the last of Alfie, perhaps there be a SWSP 3: A Family Vacation!

She Was So Pretty: Be Good For Goodness Sake 8 /10 buckets of creepiness!!!

Be Good for Goodness sake 2


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