SHE WAS SO PRETTY: This is what an Indie film should strive to be

Jason's Reviews She was So Pretty

This is another film I was able to see because of attending Days of the Dead (DOTD) in Indianapolis in early July and I am so glad I did. I was able to meet the director, Brooke Ewing, a first-time director that pulled no punches telling everyone and anyone that she made the film for $0. Brooke had an idea, friends, passion and time. I was able to hear her talk about her film making experience on a panel where she spoke about the joy and pain of being an indie film maker. Making her movie was the easy part and selling her film was a challenge and hence her marketing phrase $5 movie “Buy it, don’t pirate it”. I loved chatting with her at her vendor table and was excited to hear that she had wrapped on her sequel to SHE WAS SO PRETTY!

Now onto the review. Although it sounds like a typical horror film (young girl in the woods with her friends, separated and kidnapped) but everything else is NOTHING like you have seen. The protagonist is played by Amanda Butler and she does a great acting job. Playing the victim to Jerry Larew’s standout performance as Alfred James Ellis III all though we never hear it spoken. His performance was one of the creepiest in recent memory. The supporting cast was ok, and the detective on the case gets a few good laughs. And Alfred’s apartment was creepy as hell! There are more than a few twists and I can‘t wait for the sequel!

This little film, a $5 dvd indie film, that was a fan favorite at DOTD deserves to be seen. A film with soul, a creepy soul, needs to be seen. Brooke has a seasoned eye for film making. The story was great. The set and actors were great. I see great things coming her way so go and buy this film, it’s only $5. At the INDIE panel Brooke said she was getting better, was able to raise a decent amount of funds to make the sequel MUCH better. Let me tell you she is off to a great start. I hope to see her next year at DOTD again hawking her new film: SHE WAS SO PRETTY: BE GOOD FOR GOODNESS SAKE! This film is not perfect but it is an Indie film made for the love of Horror film. And it far exceeded that!

Worth a watch, I loved it 7.5/10 buckets of blood!

Jason's Reviews She was So Pretty

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