“Son of Ghostman” – An Indie Film Worth Seeing!

I am not a big fan of  many of the independent films that are sent to me for review. Either I’m on the wrong mailing list or most low-budget fair means films made on a camcorder with little to no budget and even less when it comes to originality, imagination and heart. Thankfully, once in a great while a gem comes along. This is the case with Kurt Edward Larson’s SON OF GHOSTMAN. This film has all of the ingredients that make a great film.


Denny McNamara (Devin Ordoyne) has been recently dumped, he’s unemployed, and his older brother Harold (Joe Lorenzo) is threatening to sell the house Denny rents. By all accounts, he’s a loser. Motivated by his childhood hero, a local celebrity Horror Host named Ghostman, Denny decides to throw on some makeup and become the SON OF GHOSTMAN. The thing is, Denny isn’t exactly suited for the role, but his car-crash inducing videos go viral, and he must decide what and where his future lies.


Complicating matters is the arrival of neighborhood sweetheart, Claire (Angela Gulner), and her nephew, Zack (Matthew Boehm). Unbeknownst to Claire, Zack quickly becomes a key part of the SON OF GHOSTMAN production team, something she surely wouldn’t allow having promised his mother he’d attend college.


In the midst of it all, the current local Horror Host, a leather-pants wearing, sexy vampire named Count Dracool (Kurt Edward Larson), is close to having his show picked up by the national cable outlet, Weird & Wild. But when the execs of Weird & Wild see the social networking statistics of SON OF GHOSTMAN, they start to question which Horror Host should go national, inciting Count Dracool to try to uncover the secret identity of SON OF GHOSTMAN.


Denny must find a way to thwart his high school nemesis, help navigate the college-bound Zack down a path of happiness, win Claire’s affection, and ultimately, figure out his own life.


This film works on so many levels and you do not have to be a fan of the horror host community to enjoy it, though it wouldn’t hurt. This all around is just a great story. We have all been there; that point in our lives where we have no idea what we want to do. We have all been at some point unemployed, single and down on our luck. The good thing is that most of us can pull ourselves above this and that is what this story is about.


Just when things are at their worst for Denny, everything turns around for him and though he may not be a financial success, he is a success nonetheless thanks to his friends and his new girlfriend. He fulfills a dream and gets involved with a great girl. He is genuinely happy. Being this happy is something we all strive for in life. That is why this movie works; it has the heart that is missing in so many films these days.


Talking to Kurt Edward Larson, the writer and director of this gem, it is obvious that this project is a labor of love and it shows throughout. The characters are perfectly cast with attractive people who have a great chemistry. These characters are people you can see yourself being friends with. You want to see them succeed and share in their joy when they do.


Larson does a great job here; not once do you look at this production as a low-budget independent film. It is beautifully shot and edited  with some great laugh-out-loud moments. Let’s just say that this Dave thoroughly enjoyed this film and cannot recommend it enough! You can check out the official SON OF GHOSTMAN website HERE! And while you’re at it, go HERE to buy your own copy! You’ll be glad you did!!!

~David Albaugh

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