G-FEST XIX Godzilla & Kaiju Models: Sculpting Scares and Creating Magic!


I have to confess that my favorite part of G-Fest is checking out the amazing models created by fans and put on display during the weekend. I had tried my hand at it a couple of years too but found out that I am better off sticking to writing as opposed to model-making. This stigma, however, is a personal issue, as ALL ages and skill levels are not only welcomed but encouraged here.

G-Fest is one of the most unique fan events because it inspires its participants to not only enjoy what it has to offer but to actively partake in it. Ironically while G-Fest was the subject of the very first blog I ever wrote (which you can see HERE) for this site, it is one I have not given nearly as much attention to as I should have. Last year I discussed all the amazing things it had to offer (see HERE) but this year I’m going to show you. For starters, here are a series of photos depicting some of the fantastic models on display for G-Fest XIX!

NOTE TO MODEL PARTICIPANTS: There were a lot of people looking at these so I was not able to linger & write down the names of those responsible. If you see your work here, please email us your name and we will happily give you your MUCH deserved credit!









img_3176“Godzilla vs. Gino” Matt Harris







Photos by Dave Fuentes~

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