Horror Host Mash Up: When East Meets West!


BY BRIAN MAZE: In Fairfax, Virginia the PERFECT STORM of Horror Hosts converged to join together at The Monster Madhouse to host THE BEAST WITH 1,000 EYES!

251865_10150914322998994_183392625_nBeast with 1,000 Mr. Lobos

Cinema Insomnia’s Mr. Lobo and his cave dwelling gal pal (Dixie Lobo) materialized out of no where using their Technilogical Whiz-Bang Time Traveling Rocking Chair!

He quickly joined forces with Karlos Borloff’s “Monsterminators” to search for the elusive BEAST WITH 1,000 EYES!

282756_10150914379933994_566675795_nKarlos Borloff & Mr. Lobo Team-up!


“Monsterminators,” Lizard Man, Freak Daddy, Slo-Frank, Gus-Feratu, & Beauregard Pettigrew were immediately dispatched to aid in the search!

528973_10150916664533994_1767908591_nLizard Man



Complicating matters is the appearance of a masked super heroine, Ultra-Ma’am, who has her own reasons for finding the BEAST!

Ultra Ma’am


252726_10150914596303994_1111996161_nUltra Ma’am’s mysterious alter ego, mild-mannered Adrena Lynn!

Professor Mondo provides his scientific insights on the matter, when Jebediah Buzzard crash lands in his flying air-stream trailer!

553674_10150914508863994_415119214_nBeauregard Pettigrew & Jebediah Buzzard!


Apparently Jebediah had been tracking “The Beast with Numerous Peepers” for some time! Suddenly, out of nowhere, Dr. Sarcofiguy stumbled into the room. He was the only one NOT looking for “The Beast with a lot of Dirty Looks” and had just returned from a screening of THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN.

557727_10150916997748994_1853130960_nKarlos Borloff & Dr. Sarcofiguy!

At the end of the night, I am not sure if THE BEAST was ever found. Maybe with all those eyes, there was just no way he couldn’t see all these hosts coming?




523995_10150914454958994_823217211_n“C’mon, Lobo…this post is OVER!”

Brian Maze~

Special thanks to Brian for sharing his FANTASTIC¬† photos and narrative! Be sure to check out Brian’s amazing art work (which we proudly feature every week on our Friday Horror Host Report) by clickingon the banner below...

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