The Purge Movie
This past Friday I met up with some friends to see the new film, The Purge. The previews seemed promising albeit a lot like 2008’s The Strangers. Was all the buzz (both on-line and on the big screen) worth a trip to the theater? How does this film stack up against the similarly themed The Strangers?
Buckle up, horror fans, it’s time for another Terror Dave mash-up!

G-FEST XIX Godzilla & Kaiju Models: Sculpting Scares and Creating Magic!


I have to confess that my favorite part of G-Fest is checking out the amazing models created by fans and put on display during the weekend. I had tried my hand at it a couple of years too but found out that I am better off sticking to writing as opposed to model-making. This stigma, however, is a personal issue, as ALL ages and skill levels are not only welcomed but encouraged here.

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