The Terror Daves to induct the UNIVERSAL SHOCK PACKAGE at Horrorhound Hall of Fame Ceremony!

We were honored last week when Jason Hignite from HORRORHOUND WEEKEND asked us to induct The Universal Shock Theater Package into the Hall of Fame this coming weekend at the big event!  This historic collection of 52 films (one for each week of the year) given to commercial TV stations in 1957 featured Universal’s classic collection of monsters and led to both the proliferation of horror hosts as well as monster fans across the country!

With one Dave in Chicago and another in Rhode Island, we are pleased to be reuniting for this special occasion while sharing our enthusiasm for horror movies and their amazing hosts! Following The Shock Theater Tribute will be the Horror Host Hall of Fame inductions which we will absolutely be covering for those unable to attend via this blog and Scary Monsters Magazine! This years inductees include…

Elvira Mistress of the Dark

Dr. Cadaverino

Bob Wilkins

The Host (Tom Leahy)

Chilly Billy (Bill Cardille)


Joe Bob Briggs

Dr. Paul Bearer

Mr. Mephisto

Crematia Mortem

Big Chuck & Lil’ John

Fritz the Nite Owl

For a brief summary of these hosts go to the Official Horror Host Induction page HERE with bios written by The Daves. We hope to see you at the event!

The Terror Daves (Dave Fuentes & David Albaugh)

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