The March 2014 Horror Host Report!


As this horrendous winter from Hell winds its way down (or so we tell ourselves) we not only look forward to better weather but also some horror host appearances! Since Terror Dave Fuentes is an unapologetic Svengoolie stalker that alone makes him happy but, best of all, he’ll be joined by Terror Dave Albaugh at his next appearance! The last time we Terror Daves (one from Chicago & the other Rhode Island) communed was the Fall of 2012 and it’s been long overdue. There’s also another Horror Host gathering at The Horrorhound Weekend in Cincinnati complete with another round of Horror Host Hall of Fame inductees. You can read more about that event down in our “Horror Host News” section!

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Terror from Beyond the Daves  is pleased to announce the return of The Horror Host Report! Yes, back when this blog was relatively new we set out to do what no one else had…create an all-inclusive weekly update of what the world’s horror hosts (commercial TV, public access, internet) were up to. It proved to be one of our most popular features and both Terror Daves enjoyed working with all the hosts immensely. Through the report, many of the participants also became personal friends and we had nothing but positive experiences with them during its nearly three-year run.

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