The March 2014 Horror Host Report!


As this horrendous winter from Hell winds its way down (or so we tell ourselves) we not only look forward to better weather but also some horror host appearances! Since Terror Dave Fuentes is an unapologetic Svengoolie stalker that alone makes him happy but, best of all, he’ll be joined by Terror Dave Albaugh at his next appearance! The last time we Terror Daves (one from Chicago & the other Rhode Island) communed was the Fall of 2012 and it’s been long overdue. There’s also another Horror Host gathering at The Horrorhound Weekend in Cincinnati complete with another round of Horror Host Hall of Fame inductees. You can read more about that event down in our “Horror Host News” section!

The Daves would like to wish the following hosts a very Happy Birthday during the month of March:

March 12: Svengoolie (Rich Koz), March 19: Bill Bowman, March 20: Count Gore de Vol (Dick Dyszel), March 31st: Justin Thomas Ord



As mentioned in the intro, national commercial TV host, Svengoolie, will be making his first 2014 public appearance THIS month at Brookfield Zoo! He’ll be assisting my AAZK (American Association of Zookeepers) Chapter’s “Vital Grounds Spaghetti Dinner!” Vital Grounds is an amazing organization that buys land for sale out west and converts it back to its natural state so that bears, wolves, and other wildlife can travel without passing through human settlements.

If you’d like to see Svengoolie, enjoy a nice spaghetti dinner, and support a great cause, please go HERE to order your tickets! If you show up that evening you will NOT have to pay to get into the zoo itself nor parking fees. It’s $9 for adults and $4 children 5-12 (under 5 are FREE). 

MeTV  is available in over 90% of the US so check your local cable provider to make sure you don’t miss out on Svengoolie!This month’s theme is “March Badness! Special thanks to Morbo Kif for these Sven-sational posters! You can check out their fun photos HERE!

On Saturday March 1st at 9pm Central/10 Eastern  it’s the 1966 Batman movie!


On Saturday March 8th it’s The Raven (1935)!


On Saturday March 15th its Dr. Cyclops!


On Saturday March 22nd tune in for an ALL-NEW presentation of Murders in the Rue Morgue (1932)!


The the month wraps up on March 29th with The Invisible Man!


Remember to go to for all your Svengoolie needs including his popular Chicken Thrower T-Shirt!



Anticipating the arrival of Spring, things get wild and crazy this March on Creature Feature the weekly Web Program at!

Its horror hosts go WILD on March 1 as Mr. Lobo, Penny Dreadful and others join me in bringing you the film “Last Man on Earth” in The Lab.


Helping you find that gem of an undiscovered horror film is Lady Pam De Graff with her latest discovery in The Screaming Room.

The TombKeeper has dug up some scary reading material in The Tomb and Dita Dirt Nap has another one of her unique Culty movie reviews in Dita’s Den.

I also invite you to enter my current movie trivia contest in The Game Room.

If you find that your cell phone has become a permanent attachment to your hand, you MUST watch the short film, “Cam Closer” by David Sandberg in my New Blood Showcase beginning March 8.

On this show Stefanie Von Guest reviews the Anime “Crimson Climax” in The Loft plus the usual mix of new book and movie reviews along with a list of upcoming horror conventions in The Parlor.

Faces become very important on the 15th. After seeing the success of the SyFy show, “Face Off” I’ve decided to show the classic film, “The Face At The Window” in The Lab and add a few of my own.

Face at The Window Poster

In The Screaming Room, Lady Pam De Graff tells you all about another overlooked DVD release.

Dita Dirt Nap is always entertaining with her unique movie reviews in Dita’s Den and for the best suggestions in horror literature, you can’t beat the TombKeeper and her reviews in The Tomb!

On March 22nd, budding film makers and those who’ve dreamt of making a horror movie just have to watch this week’s featured short film from DC Dogs entitled “Implement of Death.” You’ll die laughing in my New Blood Showcase.

Mission of Darkness” is the Anime reviewed by Stefanie Von Guest in The Loft to compliment the other book and movie reviews updated on this show.

We end the month on March 29th celebrating the arrival of Spring with an orgy! OK, it’s not a real orgy, but the film “Vampire’s Night Orgy,” which you can watch naked if you want in The Lab!


When you put your clothes back on, head to The Tomb for some book reviews, The Game Room for a NEW movie trivia contest and the dozens of other scary places within Castle De Vol and remember it changes every Saturday night at

Also, a quick reminder that Count Gore De Vol will be a guest at AwesomeCon, April 19 & 20 at the DC Convention Center. The guest list is truly awesome, including, Billie Piper, Steve Niles, Kevin Sorbo, JewelStaite, J. August Richards and too many others to mention. You can get more details HERE!



From Wolfman Mac: 

Hi Daves!This werewolf is set to howl again this year, as TWO different werewolves in two different productions!

1. Wolfman Mac and Boney Bob, of course. and 2. as Jack (not Wolfman Jack, just Jack), the Scottish red headed, cocky, sloppy cousin of Wolfman Mac!

As an actor, I’m really going to enjoy playing this character, he’s very much my opposite.

Unlike before, there are two different production companies doing all the work, contracts, sales, legal stuff, casting, merchandising, distribution, etc… My only job will be to smile for the camera, the end. This will save me an enormous amount of stress. More news coming soon!!!




TODAY Saturday March 1st, Zomboo’s House of Horror Movies presents…Dementia 13!

Dementia 13 Lobby Card

On Saturday March 8th it’s Teenagers from Outer Space!


On Saturday March 15th it’s the Romero classic Night of the Living Dead!


On Saturday March 22nd it’s The Human Monster!


On Saturday March 29th take a ride on the Horror Express!



Lots cooking in Cinema Insomnia Land! Rave reviews for Mr. Lobo as “Criswell” in the PLAN 9 recently screened at MystiCON in Roanoke, VA. – the film will have more screenings this year and wide distribution hopefully soon.

It’s rumored that “the horror host’s horror host” may make a surprise appearance at MONSTER MANIA in New Jersey to promote ZOM-BEE TV’s new format. ZOM-BEE TV studios is building a brand new set for Lobo’s talk show SLEEPLESS KNIGHTS. 5 complete episodes will be coming the channel, along with 5 new CINEMA INSOMNIA episodes and 5 new episodes of a hosted cartoon program called ALL SYSTEMS GO. Shooting was delayed do to family illness and weather conditions but much new content will be needed for ZOM-BEE’s brand new format and we’re all excited! If you are a CINEMA INSOMNIA fan and haven’t yet got a ROKU device for your TV–you’ve got a lot more great reasons to take the plunge!


After the smash success last year, The BLOBFEST committee has hired MR. LOBO to be the master of ceremonies for their July 11th, 12th, 13th event at the Colonial Theater, Phoenixville, PA celebrating the film THE BLOB. Mr. Lobo will also be a special Guest at THE NATIONAL HAUNTERS CONVENTION in OAKS, PA where he will be HEAD JUDGE for horror host GRAVELY MACCABRE’s annual MAKE-UP WARS competition.


HYPNOSIS FOR HIPSTERS, MR. LOBO’s follow up to his spoken word/sound-effects recording HORRIBLE NOISES OF MR. LOBO’S VERY BAD MANOR will have wall-to-wall 80’s style electronic music by Stephen Course and will be available on iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify with an accompanying ebook published by Cult Machine. MR. LOBO will acting in more films as a mock-documentary host for VELVET ROPE and as a deputy in a grind-house trailer about a Bigfoot cult called GORE-ILLA…for the anthology MIDNIGHT SHOW. GORE-ILLA will be played by DIXIE DELLAMORTO LOBO in her famous Gorilla suit!



Elvira’s next appearance will be The Salt Lake Comic Con FanXperience Apil 17-19th!


Be sure to visit her website HERE for all kinds of great Elvira merchandise and news!



Listen to Halloween Jack via Blog Talk Radio by clicking HERE!


Tonight’s special guest is the legendary Stella Desire!


Halloween Jack & Jacqueline will be appearing at Horrorhound Weekend in Cincinnati March 21-23rd! And trust me folks…with the size of that event, you’ll be damn glad they’re so orange and can help lead you to the hosts!





Be sure to catch the Big Top Radio show on Friday/Saturday nights 11pm Central Online by clicking HERE!

The “Big Top Radio Broadcast is now in its 4th Season and will feature guests Steve Conte, Ari Lehman , Jason Hignite, and a very special interview with Count Gore De Vol! 


Madness in March is upon us Ghoulies! Upcoming films include The Tingler, Manos the Hand of Fate, and Night of the Living Dead! We will have several on location episodes including Anime Milwaukee where we spent the day talking to all the People in wild costumes.


An episode featuring House of Wax will be filmed at the times cinema where I will be hosting the movie in LIVE in 3D.!

Crimson Theatre’s Dorian Gray Art Show is currently looking for Artists, Moviemakers ,Models and Horror Hosts for the April event!


Dr. Destruction will be appearing at Horrorhound Weekend in Cincinnati (details in Horror Host News)!

The Horror Host induction will have an ACTUAL AWARD with the image of Count Gore de Vol created by Kenosha artist, Paul Hoepner!




Check out the NEW intro for Ms Monster’s HEL on ICE show!

Ms Monster will be joining The Ghouligans at MONSTERPALOOZA the weekend of March 28-30th!




In our last blog post We told you about the 36th annual Groundhog Prom happening on February 1st, 2014 at the Sokol Auditorium in Omaha Nebraska. Myself, Inferna, Rob the Zombie (cleverly disguised as Curt Coffey) and Lady Torrid braved the single digit temps and ventured out to check out all the doings and schmooze and mingle with the crazy and unique prom-goers at the event.

Be sure to check out their blog HERE for this and other thrilling stories!



Showing on Monster Movie Night is the classic PD film ‘SnowBeast” starring Bo Svenson and Clint Walker, join Bobby Gammonster -Internet Horror Host and Boris the Buzzard as they help search for a snow creature that came in with a giant winter snow storm at Gargoyle Manor- The Monster Museum just like in the film Snow Beast!


Plus watch such brand new features that have never been shown on any other Horror Host show before by Independent film maker Michael Kazlo II such as “BloodLust”  and “Cryptid” and more to come as well as “Dead Kansas” made by indie filmmaker Aaron K Carter new and old classic monster movies gapping the generations together.


Also for all Horror Hosts a brand new Yahoo Group called ” Horror Host Union:Local 13-666″ where old and new Horror Hosts are invited to join to make a type of registry where not only can the Hosts be remembered but can share their wisdom and life experiences for others to learn and share also each host will be inducted into the Gargoyle Manor -The Monster Museum Horror Hall/ Wall Of Fame both online and in the real life museum established in 1988 for all generations of fans to see. So join us at for Horror Monster Happenings and as always “Keep Screaming”










March looks like it’s going to be a busy month for Deadgar and Sinister!  We have some really cool people coming on the show and we will be at The Sci-Fi Cafe doing our St. PATRICK’S DAY show. Then we will be going to Transworld the 20th to hang out with our haunting friends for a few days and check out some really cool props.  Till next time  Happy Nightmares…

Follow Deadgar’s Coffin Classics on Facebook HERE!


Did you know that there are online Hour Horror Host channels where you can enjoy hosted shows 24/7?

And also The Vortexx by clicking HERE!


Also The Monster Channel via ROKTV  where you can catch  THE GHOULIGANS!




WHO: “Simon” (Gary Newton)

 WHERE: “Simon’s Sanctorium” on WCVB-TV Boston, Mass.

 WHEN: 1970-1973

Simon was seen in Penny Dreadful’s “Horror Hosts of New England” special! Please check out this RARE footage…

Simon is also one of the hosts on the ballot for this year’s “Horror Host Hall of Fame!”




Horrorhound Weekend in Cincinnati will, once again, be hosting a “Horror Host Hall of Fame.” Unfortunately, neither Terror Daves will be in attendance but we’re hopeful our friend, Jeffrey Arnett, will get some great shots we can share in our May report! Today marked the end of voting for this year’s recipients and we’re anxious to see who will be chosen. Here is a copy of this year’s ballot…


Jeffrey Allen Arnett will hopefully be taking lots of pictures and letting us know how things went!

ATTENTION: Horror Hosts interested in being a part of the April Horror Host Report please send up your updates as soon as possible (and remember, folks, that is The Daves will be leaving for a Road trip on March 27th and we need everything ready to go by then! Thank you!!!



This weekend at the MANOR…

 Be sure to hang out with us for our traditional PAUL NASCHY offering… we continue our Season 17 intercontinental tour with a trip to Sunny Spain to witness “The Hanging Woman!”

 Speaking of which… the Great Detective just might have the answer to the questions that have been on our mind for weeks… just who is Ms. Atoz? What does she want with us? Who hired her? And does she really expect us to not be familiar with storylines ripped straight out of DARK SHADOWS?

 Good grief… anyway, it’s all yours at the MANOR!

 Friday 10PM Pacific

Saturday 5AM and 10PM Pacific

Monterey cable channel 24 (AMP)

or on-line at

Choose “Programming” and then “Web Stream” for Channel 24!



Hello from Gunther Dedmund, WRCT in York, PA asked me to so some promo spots for their horror host marathon. The newly produced spots have been approved and will become active in the next several weeks. They also have a new service where you can watch the entire horror host programming slot online with many other hosts from around the country, it begins at 10pm on Fridays on channel 18 schedule here for the line up: I’m also creating a series of promo spots for CATS public channel in Bloomington, IN. So, look for those.

The 2nd issue of the BSOH Comic Book is coming along nicely and production on the BSOH magazine is really getting interesting. Here’s the first layout rough of the cover, the magazine is a behind the scenes look at BSOH and while it does feature articles on horror hosts, it isn’t a horror host magazine. Look for these to be published sometime later this year.


Our spin off show “Junkyard & The Rabbit” is now showing on the Bloomington, IN CATS channel. They requested more episodes, so we’ve just started production on the second season. It shows at 8pm on Tuesdays.

Thanks for watching my show…

Gunther Dedmund



The Daughter of the Ghoul will be attending Horrorhound Weekend in Cincinnati


She’ll also be attending Cinema Wasteland on April 4-6th and Motor City Nightmares April 24-26th!



Penny Dreadful will be appearing at Horrorhound Weekend in Cincinnati 


Reminder…Horror Hosts interested in being a part of the April Horror Host Report please send up your updates as soon as possible (and remember, folks, that is The Daves will be leaving for a Road trip on March 27th and we need everything ready to go by then! Thank you!!!


4 thoughts on “The March 2014 Horror Host Report!

  1. We watch Sven almost every week, are March’s shows going to be new? Seems like FEBRUHAIRY had Sven in his old digs err…. coffin.

    • Currently there is at least one new episode each month and the others for the benefit of newer viewers in parts of the US who have only recently discovered Sven. This month the new episode is “Murders in the Rue Morgue.”

  2. Hi Daves. Great report, guys.

    Love the Sven/Kerwyn posters for the Svengoolie movies this month. Absolutely priceless!

    Also, great to hear from Wolfman Mac. The last I heard, he was hosting some live/movie events at a theater down around Tampa, FL. Not quite sure what he currently has in the works, but it sounds intriguing, and I’ll definitely be looking forward to hearing more about it. Please keep us posted!

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