Terror from Beyond the Daves  is pleased to announce the return of The Horror Host Report! Yes, back when this blog was relatively new we set out to do what no one else had…create an all-inclusive weekly update of what the world’s horror hosts (commercial TV, public access, internet) were up to. It proved to be one of our most popular features and both Terror Daves enjoyed working with all the hosts immensely. Through the report, many of the participants also became personal friends and we had nothing but positive experiences with them during its nearly three-year run.


As time went on, however, the report grew larger and began requiring a LOT more work. I’m not exaggerating when I say that each report took hours to put together and WordPress (not designed for such mammoth posts) often had technical difficulties which made things even more challenging. With both of us working full-time jobs amid our other responsibilities, the “fun” report started to become something of a nightmare.


Late last year, David Albaugh left the site for personal reasons leaving Dave Fuentes the lone Terror Dave. Let me just say that, so far as a weekly Horror Host Report is concerned, two Daves are definitely better than one! Fuentes had little choice but to drop the report all together, creating a year-long vacuum of horror hosting on the site aside from him chasing around his local/national idol, Svengoolie (and enjoying every minute of it, I might add). Albaugh would return to the site over the summer and it wasn’t long before discussion of bringing back the report would begin.


We were both eager to start a new report but knew it would have to be done in a less demanding fashion and without requiring multiple Daves (should one ever leave again). After much debate, we both agree that a monthly, rather than weekly, report would be the best option. But what would the hosts think about that?


In September, private emails were sent to several hosts (Svengoolie, Count Gore de Vol, Mr. Lobo, Halloween Jack, Penny Dreadful, The Bone Jangler, Dr. Destruction, etc) asking what they felt about the new format and whether they’d be interested in participating once more. The response was a unanimous “Yes!”


And so, my fiends, we’ll be starting the New Year right with an ALL-NEW Horror Host Report slated for January 1st…and new reports the first of every month after that! Hosts who wish to participate have until the 15th of every month to send us their updates, show information, photos, YouTube clips, etc. If you’re unsure of what you’re doing a month in advance just tell everyone what you’ve been doing and give potential viewers an idea of what your show is about so they can tune in and find out for themselves!


So with the end of 2013 close upon us the Daves are ready to go full swing into 2014 by going back to our roots a bit. It was a horror host that brought us together and it was our work with horror hosts that made this site the success it is. We feel that all of the hosts are stars in their own rights and should be showcased as such and what better place to do that then back where it belongs, right on this site.


We have set up an e-mail account just for this project and look forward to hearing from all of our friends again, letting us and the world know what they are up to and what they have planned for the future. Please send all of your updates to These can include anything you would like to share; new shows, new pictures, public appearances, merchandise promotion and everything else you would like your fans to know about! Hopefully this new, more manageable format will mean that the Horror Host Report will be around for a very long time! We truly look forward to breathing life back into the monster we created 3 years ago!

~The Daves


  1. YES!!! Best news of 2013! The Horror Host Report was my very favorite feature of this site, and I was was so disappointed (but understood) when circumstances necessitated dropping it. Of course, I continued to come by here on a fairly regular basis, as I always enjoy reading the blogs and features. But this – THIS is GREAT news! Thanks guys, for all you do – for the horror community in general, and now once again – for all of us Horror Host fans. Many, many thanks, and Happy Holidays!

  2. I’m thrilled to hear the Report will be returning to the site, as I always found it a very valuable and unique feature among horror blogs! Looking forward to it!!

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