The final resting place of H.P. Lovecraft


It was Wednesday April 9th, the final day of our momentous two week vacation/road trip with my plane slated to leave for Chicago that evening. Originally we were planning on getting a tour of The Stone Zoo in Massachusetts (courtesy of a zookeeper friend of mine) but after hearing that it would involve dealing with some rough Boston traffic, decided it was best to play it safe and stay close to Providence. We watched “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D” (which tied into the Captain America: Winter Soldier film we’d just seen the Friday before) before heading out to Rhode Island’s capital city. We only had one thing on the agenda before whiling away our final hours…visiting the grave of the legendary horror and science fiction writer, H.P. Lovecraft.

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Visiting the Grave(s) of Edgar Allen Poe!


Prior to our Terror Daves road trip, I’d made arrangements for our mutual friend, Brian Maze, to meet us in Baltimore. Brian is no stranger to this site having created the bulk of the Horror Host “pogs” used in our report, not to mention our own images in the Terror Dave logo. Lately Brian has stepped away from graphic design in favor of devoting more energy to his photography…and considering the models he’s been bringing in, one can hardly blame him. I was fortunate to accompany him on one of his shoots (covered HERE) and his skills are matched only by his flawless planning with the results nothing short of  fantastic.

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“The Raven”…Real Edgar Allen Poe’s life far more fascinating than this fiction.


I just got back from seeing THE RAVEN and, while there isn’t much to “rave” about, I’ve definitely seen worse. John Cusack plays the legendary Edgar Allen Poe and does a pretty good job portraying the tortured genius whom many horror fans will site as their favorite chapter in literature class. “God gave him a spark of genius drenched in misery,” states his frustrated employer, and this is something that both history and this film firmly establish.

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