Scary Monsters #108 – Outer Limits & WEIRD USA Cryptid Contest!

The 2017 Rondo winning Scary Monsters Magazine just dropped their latest issue #108 and it’s so thick (178 pages) it could qualify as a book – and a Best Selling one at that! The theme is Outer Limits and I can honestly say it had an impact. The weekly sci-fi series aired several years before I was born though I was familiar with its famous intro. This issue peaked my interest and inspired me to actually get my money’s worth on HULU for a change and start watching. I’m currently on episode ten and plan to finish the whole series by summer.

Also in this issue, my WEIRD USA column focuses on New England’s Bridgewater Triangle. I spent some time out there while working on a surprise birthday party last year and kept myself busy in-between by seeking out some its hotspots. If you’re unfamiliar with this place, then you’ll definitely want to check that out! I’d also like to thank Chicago artist, John Doyle, for creating an original Pukwudgie drawing I could use in the story. Don’t know what a Pukwudgie is? Read the article! I’d also like to thank Bridgewater Triangle aficionados, Aaron Cadieux, Christopher Balzano, and Luann Jolly for their assistance as well.  

SM #108 also kicks off Terror from Beyond the Daves’ “What’s Your Favorite Cryptid Movie?” Contest. Do you have a favorite screen monster that some say might actually exist in the world? Do you find yourself defending The Legend of Boggy Creek or do The Mothman Prophecies make you frightened of crossing a bridge? I’ve already received a few submissions and am quite impressed! Included with their stories, some contestants included their own artwork and photos! Please keep them coming and remember, the Deadline is June 1st. The more extensive your narrative, the better chance of winning an exciting prize pack of Crypto-Goodies!

All submissions should be sent to me, David Fuentes, at! The winner will not only receive an awesome prize package but see their story/photo printed in Scary Monsters Magazine!

Also, check out Dr. Gangrene’s promo video of #108 as well this contest!

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