Dee Snider “Days of the Dead” Chicago Panel!

Special thanks to Angela “Bunny” Urban for sharing tidbits and photos from this past 2017 “Days of the Dead” Chicago!

  • When Snider was younger; he bought tickets from a scalper to impress a girl with the “excellent seats.” Unfortunately, when they got to the front row they were told, “No, your seats are up there!” He’d mistakenly bought tickets for the last row at the top of the arena instead of the mezzanine. To this day, Snider picks a lucky fan from the top row and brings them down on stage to enjoy “the best seat” which he reserves for them.

  • When discussing fellow rocker, Gene Simmons, he pointed out that Gene’s a comic book fan. The ‘metal horns’ he’s been trying to trademark are actually Spider-man web-shooting, upside down.

  • Dee, along with John Denver and Frank Zappa was asked to speak at the 1985 PMRC Senate hearing on the censorship battle led by Tipper Gore. He wrote his response and rehearsed it extensively, so that the Senate would understand that musicians were literate individuals.

  • Snider, an avid horror fan, was always perplexed by the smaller screen killers. “Leprechaun is a dwarf,” he said. “Why not just kick him like a football or stomp that Chucky doll in his face? End of horror movie!”

  • Snider visited the set of Pee Wee’s Big Adventure and saw “all the possibilities” of filming. He then decided to write Strangeland and film all his worst nightmares.  And, yes, there will be a Strangeland 2.

Special thanks to Bunny Urban for photos and narrative!


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