Sean Astin “Days of the Dead” Chicago Panel!

Another short and sweet post thanks to Angela “Bunny” Urban. Terror from Beyond the Daves thanks her for these tidbits and photos from this past 2017 “Days of the Dead” Chicago! 

*Sean fondly recalled his completing the 2015 World Iron Man competition, particularly all the weight he lost. He admitted that he did gain most of it back and that it’s been a struggle.

*Seven Lord of the Rings cast members (including Astin) got matching tattoos of the number “9” in elvish (Tengwar script). John Rhys Davies (Gimli) did not get the tattoo, though his stunt double did.

*Sean remembers during The Goonies, all the young cast members having their parents there, except for Corey Feldman. “He was missing that core support and parental guidance that the rest of the cast had,” said Astin. Sean would like to see a Goonies sequel happen but admits it’s less likely to happen as time goes by.

*Sean remembers his parents throwing huge parties when he was growing up via a huge tent outside their house. He thought everyone’s family had these kinds of parties.


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