Two Movie Reviews For The Price Of One: BIO-TECH WARRIOR and TIME TRAP


Hello, Terror Dave readers! It’s time for a retro 90’s drive-in double feature!

First I have to ask…do 90’s “B” movies stand the test of time? Well I’ll let you know what I think after watching the two rerelease features I’m discussing today – Bio Tech Warrior and Time Trap!


I should mention, the Daves asked me to watch and review these at the request of the director, himself, Bret McCormick. Apparently these films are about to finally get a DVD release and he wanted to get the word out. I’d never heard of them and only read a brief synopsis before diving in. If you’ve read any of my previous reviews than you know I have a soft spot for low budget movies.

First up, the sci fi/conspiracy film, BIO-TECH WARRIOR, which has a running time of 1:21.

I love a creative film-maker who’s willing to take chances in getting their vision of a story on film. You can definitely see that McCormick did this with Bio Tech Warrior. The film starts with a 3 1/2-minute prologue that is so cinematically different from the film, yet does an excellent job laying its foundation. It opens with three men looking over a man who’s been hypnotized and recounts a story about aliens while warning of danger.

Christopher Heldman plays Seth Marshall, a government agent who really stands out. There are a few other actors deserving of  mention as well, most notably TJ Myers as Sam and Sky Callahan (awesome name) as the Bio-Tech Warrior.


The story is good though the dialog at times seems inconsistent. The leads are decisively more polished in comparison to the acting skills of the supporting characters. The locations for this movie were ideal and McCormick made excellent use  of his southwest setting. It has, as one might expect, a great 90’s vibe including early CGI and techno music scattered throughout. The makeup and costumes for the Bio-Tech Warrior, although minimal, really worked for me too.

20170827_214143 (1)

I do feel this film would have worked better as a short as some scenes lingering a bit too long but it’s still very watchable. B or Indie films are big nowadays and I think Bio-Tech Warrior’s return comes at an ideal time for reaching a new-found audience and fan following

So does BIO-TECH WARRIOR stand the test of time? I give it 6/10 laser blasts and suggest you check it out and decide for yourselves!

Next up, TIME TRAP, running time 1:41


Another Bret McCormick film, this one starring the uber-famous, Jeffrey Combs, who boasts over a hundred roles spanning several decades. Many will remember him during his zenith in the ’80s and ’90s! In Time Trap he plays a not-quite-mad scientist named Dr. Carrington.

This film starts with a couple of PI’s on a seemingly routine stakeout. Soon, a 5000-year-old fossil takes them on a journey through time itself! As a scientific team is assembled for a terrifying time warp adventure, the chase is on! Combs leads a cast of very fine actors at many great locations and it’s a journey that kept the viewer guessing throughout. There was a great car chase early on with machine guns at high speed that was particularly fun. I’ve always been a fan of time travel films while pondering what effect that might have. The effects were very good and the monster make-up was awesome. There was a great line stolen from the legendary Clint Eastwood that was not expected but perfectly delivered and very funny!

The film is filled with time travel, dinosaurs, and even the Civil War! There’s something in this for everyone and it makes for a great double feature with Bio Tech Warrior! Add some friends and beer and you’ve got a perfect night of fun! If you’re like me and love 90’s B-movies, it will not disappoint! The best way I can describe TIME TRAP is Star Trek meets Land Of The Lost.

Time Tracers 7/10 stun blasters!!

In closing, BIO-TECH WARRIOR and TIME TRAP did indeed stand the test of time. Now go buy or rent this before your time runs out!

~Jason Schoolcraft


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