“It’s Alive” with Flavor! Dinner at Aretha Frankenstein’s!


While we were dining with Dr. Gangrene in Nashville, we asked him if he knew of any cool places to visit in Chattanooga. “Well,” he said. “A friend of mine told me about a place called Aretha Frankenstein’s. I hear they’ve got great food and atmosphere.”

He’d had us with the word “Frankenstein.”

A couple days later we’d seek out this restaurant which was definitely off the beaten path. When we finally reached our destination, it appeared to be a residential home converted into a restaurant.




We walked up the stairs and went inside while some of the regulars sitting on the front porch looked at us as if we were every bit the “tourists” we were. It probably didn’t help that we started immediately taking pictures of the place…but if you saw how unique it was, you’d do the same! It was like a mixture of vintage horror and punk which reminded us of an old friend we’d once had in Kenosha, Wisconsin.





David: I thoroughly enjoyed the set up of this place, despite there being little reference to Dr. Frankenstein or his monster. One of my favorite things was the framed classic cereal boxes on the ceiling. They brought back many memories of Saturday morning cartoons, followed by a double dose of monster movies thanks to the Creature Double Feature. This is definitely a place where you can spend a lot o time just enjoying the décor.





Dave: I’d heard from one of the locals that the place had phenomenal omelets and pancakes so I decided to have breakfast for dinner. I ordered an omelet with a single pancake on the side (I can’t remember what David ordered). It would end up being the best meal I’d have during this entire trip! The omelet totally lived up to its reputation and that pancake was so thick it served as its own short stack. If you go to their website HERE you can even order the mix which I highly recommend even if just for the box!


David: When it comes to breakfast foods I rarely deviate from what I know and love. I opted with eggs over medium, toast and bacon. With the nice weather we decided to eat outside which was very relaxing in the quiet neighborhood and the food was really well prepared and tasted great. Believe it or not you truly can screw up something as basic as eggs, toast and bacon but this was not the case here. The guy serving the food was very friendly and seemed to genuinely enjoy talking to us about the restaurant and the area, which just added to our overall great experience.

We headed back to our hotel for our final night in Chattanooga. The next day we would be off for Gatlinburg which would prove that sometimes, no matter how well you plan something, you can still get some BIG surprises!

Coming Up…In the Clutches of King Kong & the Tennessee Tourist Trap!

The Terror Daves!~

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