May Horror Host Report!


Welcome to another edition of our monthly Horror Host Report! While the past month our site has been dominated with stories from our epic road trip, there’s some upcoming horror hosts posts on the way. Both Daves were happy to see our childhood host, Svengoolie, together at a zoo fundraiser (covered HERE) and Terror Dave Fuentes has attended two more since. We’ve also heard some great feedback regarding Count Gore De Vol’s appearance at Awesome Con and hope we can get some pictures from our pal, Brian Maze!

Remember that we’re on the home stretch for voting for the 2013 Rondo Awards. We would REALLY appreciate it if you could vote for Terror from Beyond the Daves (that’s #18 on the ballot) for “Best Horror Blog 2013.”




The Terror Daves were VERY pleased to see our friend, Svengoolie, at an AAZK fundraiser late March!

1Photo courtesy of Jim Roche

Svengoolie will be making two public appearances this month! On Saturday, May 17th, Sven will be appearing at Al N Ann’s Collectibles  at 819 Main Street in McHenry, Illinois from 1-4pm! Come help Sven celebrate the store’s 20th Anniversary!

May 24th- Sven joins Riverside Lodge 862’s St.Baldrick charity event! Join us at 40 Forest Avenue in Riverside- with Sven appearing from 12-2 pm! Please help support the St. Baldrick’s foundation to  give hope to children and young adults fighting cancer!

Remember to check for information on these and any upcoming events just by clicking the “appearances” tab!

The theme for May is “It Came from the Drive-in” as the national commercial TV host airs some vintage classics! This Saturday night on MeTV (9pm Central/10 Eastern) it’s an ALL-NEW Svengoolie with the host airing a Terror Dave favorite It Came from Outer Space.

It Came from Outer Space F

On Saturday May 1oth, yet another NEW broadcast with his airing of Island of Terror!

Island of Terror F

On Saturday May 17th it’s The Deadly Mantis!

Deadly Mantis f

Then on May 24th it’ an ALL-NEW presentation of The Land Unknown!

The Land Unknown F

“It Came from the Drive-In” ends on May 31st with Munster Go Home!

Munster Go Home 4

Special thanks to our friend Morbo Kif for these amazing Sven-inspired  posters! They promise to make this a horror host staple and we could not be happier about it!

Remember for ALL your Svengoolie needs including merchandise, appearances, and his blog go to! If you’re new to Svengoolie and would like to see a collection of his classic bits, please visit Terror Dave Fuentes’ YouTube Channel HERE!

Also, look for detailed Terror Dave coverage on both of Sven’s April appearances (The Squared Circle and C2E2) coming SOON!





Count Gore recently appeared at Awesome Con where he had an awe…an AMAZING time! Here are some shots courtesy of the Count himself…

Friday 006 copy

Friday 014

Friday 006

Friday 005

our pal, Brian Maze from Maze Studios (Yes, the same guy who made the pog above and the majority on this report)!

Creature Feature the Weekly Web Program kicks off a new month on May 3rd, with the GIGANTIC Internet movie Premiere of Daniel Boyd’s 80’s Classic, “Chillers!” But that’s not all! There’s also an interview with Daniel Boyd that explores his career along with his new graphic novels AND a CONTEST where we’re giving away the DVD of the movie and two of the new graphic novels! It all takes place in The Lab!


Also on May 3rd you can also watch the horror short “Orpheus” by James Button in our New Blood Showcase and enjoy a fascinating interview with author Joe Lansdale, who brought us “Hot in December,” “Cold in July,” and “Bubba Ho-tep!” He’ll be On The Rack!

On May 10, Steve Niles, the man who brought us “30 Days of Night,” joins Count Gore De Vol in The Lab to bring you the classic “Night of the Living Dead!”


In addition, Lady Pam De Graff has another thrilling DVD discovery in The Screaming Room!

May 17 brings us the truly frightening short film from Greth Productions call “Meat Me In Plainville.” It’s in our New Blood Showcase!

Stefanie Von Guest reviews the science fiction Anime, “Appleseed” in The Loft.

On The Rack you’ll find a wonderful interview with actor Simon Fisher-Becker who plays the very blue, Dorium Maldova on Dr. Who!

On Saturday May 24, Voice Actress Veronica Taylor, who does Ash on Pokémon, comes to The Lab to help Count Gore De Vol break into voice acting and to co-host “Atom Age Vampire! We also have an interview with her all about voice acting!


Lady Pam De Graff will have another horrific DVD discovery, The TombKeeper will have two new book reviews, Dita Dirt Nap brings you a culty movie review and more!

We end the month on May 31 with a short film double feature! You can watch “The Visitor” and “Rising Tide” two films by Ben Kent in our New Blood Showcase.


Stefanie Von Guest reviews the Anime “Read or Die” in The Loft.

There’s two book reviews in The Tomb and lots more to round out a horror filled month at



May 22, 23 & 24 I will be appearing at the Cinevent Convention in Columbus, Ohio. I’ll be up on the 6th floor of the Hotel set up along side of Ron Adams in the Monster Bash room.  Come check us out at this great convention.  Stay Sick!  SOG




New Features and New Events coming to Gargoyle Manor -The Monster Museum home of “Monster Movie Night” starring Bobby Gammonster-Internet Horror Host and Boris the Buzzard seen at Monster Movie Night  The classic monster film “The Werewolf VS. The Vampire Woman” starring Paul Naschy the Spaniard “Lon Chaney-man of a 1000 faces” doing one of his most famous roles the werewolf – Waldemar Daninsky. Plus this film was also called ‘La Noche de Walpurgis” or “Walpurgis Night” which is a traditional witch spring version of the harvest Halloween , where the spirits of man and other can roam free on these two nights each just six months apart, On Walpurgis night April 30th the pumpkin seeds are planted so that on Halloween the pumpkins can be used for Jack o Lanterns for harvest night.


Also new Indy films from master filmmaker Michael Kazlo II  such as ‘The Vampire Assassin ” will be coming soon along with other classic public domain Horror films all this and more to make you all to “Keep Screaming!”

vamp assassin poster




 Zomboo is also making an appearance at the MS WALK – SATURDAY, MAY 3rd at IDLEWILD PARK  (Idlewild Park Terrace, 1805 Idlewild Dr., Reno, NV) at 9am. Join Zomboo in this annual event and help raise money for this wonderful cause!!! Remember to bring your camera!

Hello Everybody! It’s your old pal Zomboo! Don’t forget to tune in this Saturday night, May 3rd to see sexy Irish McCalla in “SHE DEMONS,” one of the scaaariest movies ever made. That’s Saturday night at 11:35pm on KOLO-TV, Channel 8 in Reno! Be there and be scaaared! NOTE: You can buy Zomboo shows via his website by clicking HERE!


On Saturday May 10th it’s Wrestling Women vs Aztec Mummy!


On Saturday May 17th it’ Revolt of the Zombies!

Revolt Of The Zombies - 1932 - Victor Halperin - 005

On Saturday May 24th it’s Creature from the Haunted Sea!


Then the month ends with The Vampire Bat!




Hello Terror Daves and Horror fans. We’ve made it to spring, now we just have to hold on for storm season. Not so much to report this month. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t anything going on.



I’ll be filming more new episodes soon. And this time it’ll be a full length show. I have a very special movie to show you along with a special guest or two.

I’ve had lots of Human Creatures join me at my New Youtube Show. I’ve loaded it up with classic Creature Feature Clips and some brand new footage as well. Make sure to come see it all right HERE!

At the request of my viewers I’ve set up my very own Twitter. I’ll post photos, videos, and updates on as often as I can. You can keep up with me at!

The Awakening Of Misty Brew has been posted and received some nice comments. Frankie woke me up a bit early, but luckily he filmed it on HD and posted it online!

One thing I love to do is give away free things to my Human Creatures. I especially love to give away show tickets. Over the years I’ve given away tickets to Raffles, Concerts, Movies, Fairs, & even a Circus. I wasn’t sure if I had ever given away tickets to a tribute band. Although I’m sure that I have given away tickets to an Elvis Impersonator Show once so …that might count. lol! But just to be sure I recently gifted some tickets to see a great tribute show at Pop’s In St. Louis. And the winner was Jody Fitz who scored two tickets to see a OzzY Osbourne and Pat Benatar Tributes. All she had to do was be the 13th Human Creature to leave me a pleading comment on FB and she won. Easy as that, No trivia questions or worms to eat. It was so much fun that I’ve decided to give away more things on my Facebook Page.

IMG_1149-Recovered copy


I’ll have T-Shirts, Photos, and even tickets to see SMILE EMPTY SOUL and DRIvIN RAIN on Memorial Day at Pitter’s in Cape Girardeau Missouri. It’s all fun so, come on over Human Creatures and win some stuff from me Misty Brew.

hqdefault (2)

Stay dry and I’ll see you again next month with more spooky and creep summer time fun! – DFF Misty Brew.



Most of the activity for this month will be LIVE appearances with my band, The Roosevelt Dolls



Fronting a band as a Horror Host brings new meaning to local territory and interaction with fans. At several Milwaukee Shows I have been engaged in conversations with Fans of Crimson Theatre centering on Dr Cadavarino and Toolouse No Neck from older club goers. The Younger ones are a bit more interested in my underground rock history prompting a cyber re-release of Die Monster Die (how do they survive) from1989 (seen HERE).


Bringing the Dr. into a LIVE performance setting has taken the format to a much different level. Interacting with an audience is much more satisfying than sitting behind a table for hours on end. Of course, on the crimson theatre we are gearing up for the release of the new Godzilla by showing some of the best of the original monster movies.


I will also be at Horror O Rama a new Milwaukee horror convention. My band is playing there as well. Horror O rama is the creation of Alice Wilson of Milwaukee.


The Roosevelt Dolls of course have added blue oyster Cults famous song to the Bands set. production of a new set is underway for Crimson Theatre Milwaukee . Well that’s it Ghoulies keeping the dream alive that one day a Horror Host will return to a major network!




Check out these shots from the set of The Monster Madhouse taken by Brian Maze from Maze Studio!







May 24th in Barberton Ohio Janet Decay and the Phil and Erik Show are hosting a fun and games event at the Fast Lane bowling alley. Festivities and show start at 6pm.

Radio celebrities, ASWA wrestlers, RAK Films, Grimm Gorri, Dr. Zombie, and many more surprise guests. Cosmic bowling only 5 bucks. No cover charge!





Spring is finally here and DEADGAR’S DARK COFFIN CLASSICS is in high gear. We had some changes with Sinister having to leave to take care of some of her witchy business. Victoria stepped it up and Sorceress Celeste has joined the show.



April was very busy with changes and going to C2E2. What a blast!



May is going to be even better with Horror O Rama on May 16th at the Best Place in Milwaukee.  And DEADGAR’S DARK COFFIN CLASSICS is going to be at Chocolate Fest in Burlington WI.




DR. MORTOSE 1457707_576327639106009_692893135_n edit2DRMORTOSE

 The Terror Daves would like to welcome Dr. Montrose Commands to the report!


It was nice to see the photos from The Horror Host Hall Of Fame 2014 inductions. Dr. Dark and I had a great time co-hosting the event.

You will be seeing more of my episodes on both KREEPY KASTLE and THE VORTEXX and new episodes will be airing internationally soon.


The cast of DR. MORTOSE COMMANDS will be attending the FREE COMIC BOOK DAY event at the VAULT OF MIDNIGHT comic book shop in Grand Rapids, Michigan on May 3rd. Join us if you can!

Dr. Mortose first picture new mask Photo1671



Dr. Mortose



The Daves would like to congratulate Carmella Hayslett Grillo (aka Roxsy Tyler) for winning Best Actress at the Jersey Shore Shorts Fest! Roxsy Tyler har recently retired and you can read that story directly from here HERE. We would like to thank her for her participation in this report back in its earliest days and also for covering some East coast events for us as well! Best of luck to you Carmella!




If you’re a host who’d like to participate in our May 2014 Report, send your photos, links, and updates to!


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