Midnight Syndicate’s “Monsters of Legend” Strikes a Chord this Halloween Season!


Awhile back we mentioned that Midnight Syndicate, the company that has brought us so many amazing Halloween-themed soundtracks in the past, will be releasing their 16th album this year. It is now available and it is quite impressive!

One thing I have always enjoyed about the Midnight Syndicate releases is that they are a great way to get you into the Halloween spirit, much like watching one of your favorite horror movies. MONSTERS OF LEGEND, this year’s offering, is no exception. It perfectly blends atmospheric music inspired by your favorite Universal and Hammer films with sound effects, creating the perfect background, for either your yard haunt or just to listen to as you are driving!


In addition to over 50 minutes of new music, the band went back into its archives and recreated several tracks from its early releases BORN OF THE NIGHT and REALM OF SHADOWS, bringing the total run-time of the disc to over 65 minutes. “Both the new album and those older ones are set in and around the mysterious hamlet of Arcacia. We felt it would be a great opportunity to breathe new life into a few of our lesser known tracks from those discs to help tell this story. For additional atmosphere the band called on voice-over artist Dick Terhune. Dick’s known throughout the haunted house industry as the “Voice from Hell,” needless to say he was the perfect match for this disc,” said Gavin Goszka.

For me, the release of the new Midnight Syndicate CD is the official start of the Halloween season. It’s when I truly realize how close my favorite holiday is and it is time to pull out all of my Halloween cd’s. I look forward to each and every release by Midnight Syndicate as they never disappoint, which cannot be said of many bands! Check out this cd today and while you’re at it, check out HERE!

David Albaugh

Coming soon…Terror Dave Albaugh will be unleashing yet another chapter in his popular  2011 Halloween series…”Music to Die For” so stay Tombed!


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