“Grabbers” Reels you in with a Keg of Laughs!


I am constantly looking for new monster movies to watch, hopefully enjoy and then add to my movie collection. Unfortunately, more often than not, these films end up being comparable to a Syfy Channel movie of the week (in other words, it sucks). Thankfully, every once in awhile one comes along that stands out. Such is the case with the 2012 release of GRABBERS.


I first read about this film in HorrorHound Magazine, and though it was getting good feedback, the premise certainly could’ve gone either way. Blood-sucking, tentacled aliens invade the coast of Ireland where the locals’ only hope of survival lies in their ability to get drunk! So how good could this film actually be? REALLY good!!!

This horror-comedy is actually an Irish production and definitely stands way above any Syfy Channel original film. Fishermen accidentally catch an alien cephalopod in their lobster pots. They eventually realize that this species feeds off of the blood of humans (of course) but that if they have a strong alcohol content in their blood, it can hurt, and even kill, the alien menace. Obviously the aliens are not that smart if this is their weakness and they arrive in Ireland.


This movie has great characters, with great chemistry. The two leads, Ciarán O’Shea and Lisa Nolan, bring the whole thing together. They are both police officers, with Lisa covering for a vacationing officer. Ciarán, played by Richard Coyle is an alcoholic trying to quit and Lisa, played by Ruth Bradley, has never had a drop of alcohol in her life. This makes for a good plot twist as Ciarán quits drinking to impress Lisa and Lisa must get wasted to save the town. This plot twist provides an endless stream of laughs though you, yourself, do not need to add alcohol to make it watchable. In fact, both of us Daves have known people affected by alcoholism in our lives, and if this applies to you or one of your loved ones, please check out the link we’re providing to quit drinking 


The characters are all very likable and they all put on a great performance of being drunk. The aliens themselves, done with really good CGI, look amazing and some of the scenes are really impressive. The movie moves at a quick pace and there are some hilarious, laugh-out-loud moments.

As of this writing this film is available on Netflix Stream, Video On Demand, and Amazon. Check it out! You will not be disappointed! Order your own copy HERE!

David Albaugh~


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