2013 Horrorhound Weekend Pt. 8: Tom Savini cracks a smile…


I met Tom Savini for the first time twice during my first Horrorhound Weekend back in 2010. Although it would be my last pre-Terror Dave event, I walked in harboring lots of goals concerning the horror hosts and the celebrities that were attending. Of course the main plan was to have a great time and I was joined by my friend, Jason. I remember us being particularly excited about having the opportunity to meet some of the folks behind one of our favorite zombie films; Dawn of the Dead. Tom Savini, Ken Foree, and the godfather of zombies himself, George Romero, would all be there and we couldn’t wait.

???????????????????????????????With Dawn of the Dead’s Mike Christopher – Indy Horrorhound 2010

Before Horrorhound Weekend became the behemoth it is today, Friday nights were fairly manageable. That year we’d fulfill most of our objectives by the end of the first night including getting a chance to meet the great Tom Savini. While Romero may be the god-father of zombies, us middle-aged horror fans will forever view Savini as the master of gore FX and responsible for brightening many of our horror-loving teen memories via his gruesome skills. Whether you’re talking Friday the 13th or Dawn of the Dead, Savini’s bloody seal of home-style gore clearly made an impact.


Unfortunately, that first 2010 meeting (which was covered HERE) was a bit lackluster as Savini is about as deadpan a guy can be. In fact, by the time that first encounter was over, I wasn’t entirely convinced that we hadn’t communed with one of his own props! Though friendlier the second time around (that Sunday), I’d hardly call it warm. “sigh” Oh well…it’s like John Carpenter. One of those celebrities that’s such a major force in the genre you just gotta meet em’ no matter what they’re like in person.

I saw him again last year at the family-friendly Monster Bash but didn’t stop by his table. Though his bloody talents seemed out of place at that old school event, Savini attends every year because he, himself, is fan of classic monsters. In fact, he’s so comfortable at that venue, he brings along his grandson and allows him to run amok. I remember the child hanging out with the horror hosts and playing with Count Gore De Vol before seeking refuge on Penny Dreadful’s lap (and who can blame him?). That trip was sort of a spur of the moment thing for me, and I’d forgotten to pack along an item that demanded Savini’s attention. Horrorhound Weekend 2013 would allow me another chance…

During the summer of 2010, I met Friday the 13th’s Adrienne King. She had lots of great stuff to sign including her own signature “Camp Crystal Lake Wine” but there was a photo on her table that immediately grabbed my attention. The picture was taken while filming Friday of 13th by King herself via a Polaroid camera. The photo depicted a cast visit to Tom Savini’s workshop with Savini and King holding the prop of Mrs. Vorhees’ head. From what King told me at the time, this was one of several Polaroids she took though this event marked the first time any were offered as an 8×10 for signing (see story HERE).
Fast forward to today…
There wasn’t anyone in Savini’s line so I walked right up to him, shook his hand, and said “Hello.”
Savini: hi
I handed him the picture for signing and his eyes grew wide. “Where did you get this???” He asked. I relayed the story and he beamed a smile (yes, dear reader, an ACTUAL smile!). “Wow! This is amazing!” He then got up from his booth and took the photo to a couple of his friends sitting nearby. “Take a look at this!” he said, while showing it off.
After signing, he posed for a picture with me. He didn’t have an assistant so I asked some random guy if he wouldn’t mind snapping the photo. We held up the signed picture but, as you can see, the guy managed to cut it out. Ah well…such is the risk one takes when relying on the kindness of strangers…
I still left satisfied as this was the most enjoyable Savini encounter I’d ever had or, for that matter, imagined. It was almost as gratifying as the time I got Ace Frehley to actually look at me (story HERE).

After a full day of events, my legs felt like lead pipes and I trudged back to the hotel.

Coming up…Horrorhound  Girls Gone Wild!
Dave Fuentes~

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