Cheers for Zombies! Terror on Tequila Zombie Podcast!


It’s another episode of Terror on Tequila featuring Terror Dave Fuentes and Jason Lucas…Bartender of the Dead! Today we’ll be doing our first show dedicated to ZOMBIES! Yes, these undead flesh-eaters have contaminated virtually every facet of our popular culture with little sign of slowing down! Today we’ll delve into three zombie films that couldn’t be more different from one another.

First up, there’s a place in France where the naked ladies prance  and it’s called…ZOMBIE LAKE! This film, concerning a group of Nazi zombies terrorizing a small countryside town,  is loaded with bad acting and lots of female nudity. Can these usually amusing features (coupled with a steady stream of tequila) succeed in making this movie even remotely watchable?

zombielake7The Boys are Back in Town!

Next we delve into Italian Gore-Maestro, Lucio Fulci’s, ZOMBIE! This is one of mine and Jason’s favorite zombie films as we’re not shy regarding our love of Italian horror! This was released in 1979 and has stood the test of time with some notable scenes; not the least of which features a zombie taking on a man-eating shark! Find out what makes this entry different than all other zombie films and why it’s worth checking out!


Finally, we return to the states for ZOMBIELAND along with an overview of zombie comedies (or “zomedies” if you will?) as well as a surprisingly new genre taken over by the Zombie Pop Culture Apocalypse!


On hand to see us through this holocaust is a heavy dose of Jason’s own Zombie-Juice, guaranteed to hit you like a shot in the head!




To comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable…it’s TERROR ON TEQUILA!

Dave Fuentes & Jason Lucas~

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