Inside the Dungeon of COUNT GORE DE VOL!


Our next Brian Maze photo shoot features someone who’s no stranger to this site…Count Gore De Vol! Brian was recently invited to the Count’s Dungeon while hosting THE APE! Joining him for this sinister spread is the sexy, Tiffany Jordan!








008Tiffany models some new Count Gore De Vol products (ordering info below)

009Photographer, Joe Shepherd, gives shooting tips to The Count!

010I played the part of The Ape at the end of the show!

Model Tiffany Jordan
Count Gore Devol’s Website
Photographer Brian Maze
Lighting: Joe Shepherd!/joe.shepherd.712?fref=ts

To order Count Gore’s new Hoodie, click on the photo!

IMG_0847Photo Joe Shepherd

And don’t forget to add the Count’s new Night Shirt to your cart!

NSFrontPhoto Joe Shepherd

Brian Maze~


2 thoughts on “Inside the Dungeon of COUNT GORE DE VOL!

  1. Knew the Count when he was on Channel 20 WDCA in the early 1970s (ouch).
    He was BOZO early in the afternoon, Captain 20 for the older kids, the host of the evening movies during the week ( with cardigan and all) but for me, it was his Saturday Night persona that I came to know and love.

    Good post and thanks a lot for reminding me how long ago that was.

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