Big ’80’s Supernatural Movies Podcast!


It’s another Terror on Tequila pod-cast show featuring Terror Dave and Jason! Today we’ll be taking a totally awesome trip back in time to the 1980’s; a vanguard decade for horror movies! Looking back at old pictures with hair that defied gravity along with the over the top accessories and spandex, folks looked anything but natural! So please join us today as we explore the “out of this world” side of this period during our Big ’80s Supernatural Show!


We’ll delve into three movies you may or may not have heard of…DREAMANIAC, WITCHBOARD, and NIGHT OF THE DEMONS! Helping us along will be our bartender, Jason, serving up Madonna Martinis and New Wave Neon Jello Jigglers!

BIG80S7Nu-Wave Neon Jello Jigglers!

Whether living or dead, ALL are welcome to our BIG ’80s PARTY! Just click on the link below to listen or download as an Mp3!


And if you enjoy this podcast, please check out our last two by clicking the Terror on Tequila banner on the right!

Take your horror “to the MAX,” with Terror on Tequila!

Dave Fuentes/Jason Lucas~

One thought on “Big ’80’s Supernatural Movies Podcast!

  1. You gotta love 80s horror. Night of the Demons was one of the shining stars of our annual halloween marathon a couple of years ago. Shamefully, I have not seen the other two films you discussed although I always remember seeing them at the video store when I was younger. They sound GREAT and I will be checking them out soon! Incidentally, the book you mentioned, “Horror! 333 Films to Scare You to Death” has been my go to horror movie guide recently…a great book. Thanks for the plug! 🙂

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