Svengoolie visits The Little Shop of Horrors!

The Daves would like to welcome and thank Matthew Medlen for coverage of this event that took place on Friday, July 13, 2012!
Theatre at the Center was the scene of a Friday the 13th Beer & Wine Tasting event featuring Svengoolie. Theatre in the Center is in of all places Munster, IN. Yes I said Munster as in the monster family the Munsters.
Prior to the beginning of the tasting event, Svengoolie, Jim Roche (Me-TV’s Director of On-Air Operation) and myself were treated to a back stage tour and private one-on-one with Audrey II from the play Little Shop of Horrors.
svengoolie-34 Patty Bird & Svengoolie
The pictured Audrey II was designed by Martin P. Robinson for the Broadway production. Tony D’ Angelo later purchased it for the Chicago production, she was updated and redesigned for the current production at The Theatre in the Center.
The Beer & Wine tasting Svengoolie event was well attended with just over 100 fans of all ages in attendance. There was  a generous spread of fruit, meats and cheeses served to compliment the various beer and wines sponsored by Strack & Van Til grocery stores.
svengoolie-40Chole Walton & Jessie Miller serving various types of beers
Before the beginning of the pre-production showing of Little Shop of Horrors, Svengoolie spent a few minutes entertaining the 200 plus in attendance and cave a cliff notes version of the production.
svengoolie-41Jordan Sekulouski & Sean Maloney sering up the wine samples
After getting their photos and items autographed, Svengoolie was escorted backstage.
This production was in my opinion was a top-notch production from a non-downtown big-ticket venue. From the period costumes and well designed set, this small theater group put on a stellar performance. Little Shop of Horrors was performed in two acts first lasting one hour and a half, followed by a short break and stage reset then the second act was a very fast paced 40 minutes.
jonathan-lee-cunningham-with-audrey-iiJonathan Lee Cunningham with Audrey II.jpg – Jonathan Lee Cunningham with Audrey II Photo by Michael Brosilow
My overall opinion of the Beer & Wine Tasting, Svengoolie appearance followed by the play made this reporters Friday the 13th one to remember for years to come.
peter-kevoian-jonathan-lee-cunningham-tiffany-trainerPeter Kevoian, Jonathan Lee Cunningham & Tiffany Trainer.jpg – Peter Kevoian, Jonathan Lee Cunningham & Tiffany Trainer Photo by Michael Brosilow
A special thanks for a spooktacular evening goes out Svengoolie, Patty Bird, Jim Roche, and the entire staff at The Theatre at the Center.
rod-thomas-jonathan-lee-cunningham-with-audrey-iiRod Thomas & Jonathan Lee Cunningham with Audrey II.jpg – Rod Thomas & Jonathan Lee Cunningham with Audrey II Photo by Michael Brosilow
 Tiffany Trainer & Jonathan Lee Cunningham with Audrey II.jpg – Tiffany Trainer & Jonathan Lee Cunningham with Audrey II Photo by Michael Brosilow
~Matthew Medlen

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