Elvira: Mistress of the Dark “Loves her some SVENGOOLIE!”

Recently we shared some pictures taken by Svengoolie fan, Jerry Victory, while visiting the host at The Little Boots Rodeo. Jerry also had the privilege of addressing Elvira: Mistress of the Dark during a recent appearance on The Stephanie Miller Show. Svengoolie and Elvira met at The Flashback Weekend convention in 2008. See that clip below… and she had this to say…

Jerry asked Elvira about this historic meeting and she had this to say…

“Oh, I loves me some Svengoolie! He’s definitely one of my top picks for Horror Hosts!”

This was available on YouTube for a short while until it got nailed for Copy-write infringement. Its too bad because it was a LOT of fun and Elvira shared some other great stories including details of a date she went on with the eldest of the Osmond family kids, Alan. Apparently the conservative Alan Osmond took Cassandra Peterson (Elvira) on a date to a show where they’d be meeting Frank Sinatra. Upon seeing Ms Peterson, Sinatra said, “Nice tits!” much to the embarrassment of both  Peterson and the Osmond clan.

The highlight of the show was, of course, hearing her speak of Svengoolie and the unexpected plug given to him on that show.

Guess its a good thing that Ms Miller didn’t seem to recall that Sven had replaced her and John Howell once on WCKG morning radio! Kudos to Jerry for this great exchange! I had the opportunity to meet Elvira back at The 2010 Horrorhound Weekend in Indianapolis (story HERE) and she had said the same thing to me. She even signed a photo for Sven telling him how much she enjoyed their meeting.


The autograph later made it on one of Sven’s mail segments during his HD airing of THE BIRDS on May 1st, 2010!

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