During MONSTERBASH 2012, I was sorry to leave early and not catch the big debut of Dylan Druktenis’ NUKA-SAURUS. Dylan, of course, is the son of Dennis Druktenis who publishes one of our ALL-TIME favorite periodicals SCARY MONSTERS MAGAZINE! We Daves have been honored to have had some of our articles printed over the last couple of years in this great REAL Monster Mag! On Saturday night when the convention was just getting revved up (and I was fizzling out, see story HERE) Dylan’s film was presented to an audience for the first time.

img_2102Dylan makes last minute changes to his Masterpiece!

Thankfully, Dennis sent me these clips to view and share with our readers. Of course no Monster movie would be complete without a Scary Short to precede it, so before we settle in with tonight’s feature, let’s enjoy this Sam Scare cartoon…

And now, grab your popcorn, and enjoy NUKA-SAURUS!…and see if you recognize the Mad Scientist!

Congratulations to Dylan Druktenis for this entertaining feature! We know we’ll be seeing more great things from this young film maker in the years to come! And special thanks to Dennis for sending this along while also forgiving my not being there to see it at MONSTERBASH!

Dave Fuentes~

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