Tom Atkins & The Masks of Halloween III: Season of the Witch!


Celebrity encounters, while usually pleasant, are rarely as enjoyable when one meets the legendary Tom Atkins! The 2011 Indianapolis Horrorhound Weekend along with Mask-Fest was the perfect venue for featuring Atkins along with some alumni from one of his films. HALLOWEEN III. The film’s director, Tommy Lee Wallace, Atkins, along with his co-star, Stacey Nelkin were all on hand at this event – sitting side by side.

img_5379With Tom Atkins and Stacey Nelkin

Atkins was the most fun to meet and the story was covered HERE. Now you can actually see that meeting below…

Across from the autograph table were replicas of the famed “Silver Shamrock” Masks” (I dare you not to hum the iconic tune as you see them) and we enjoyed seeing them as well as the resurgence of appreciation that film is now getting. In the video you may wonder who we were referring to as “dying so young.” That would be in reference to one of the film’s producers, and HALLOWEEN alumnus, Debra Hill who died at the untimely age of 54 from cancer. A terrible loss to the horror community.

Tune in next week for another exciting “Tale from Horrorhound Weekend!”

The Daves~


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