Cinema Insomnia’s Mr. Lobo Roasted at Horrorhound Weekend


Horrorhound Weekend always has a special place in the hearts of we Daves. It was the 2010 convention in Indianapolis and its magnificent Vampira Tribute that inspired us to start this site and feature horror hosts as its cornerstone. By 2011, I would be joined by the “other” Dave, David Albaugh, for optimum coverage. We are both excited to be reuniting again for the upcoming Horrorhound Weekend in Columbus, Ohio and covering even more avenues of horror and, of course, its hosts!

As a special countdown to the big day, we decided to generate some enthusiasm (as if necessary) for this wondrous occasion. “Tales from Horrorhound Weekend” will run every week until the end of March….now just nine weeks away! Many of these tales have been told on this site and, when applicable, we will offer links for those who may have missed them. While we tried to be as detailed as possible, we did not offer video footage which, believe it or not, we actually had been sitting on. At both Indianapolis March Horrorhounds I attended (2010 & 2011) my old friend, Jason Lucas, was kind enough to use his video camera & skills in capturing many of these big moments! Both David and I would like to offer him a huge THANKS for doing this and, thus, allowing us to “relive” some of those great times!

Today’s feature was not covered in our blog before, mostly because it defied explanation. Washington State host, Chuck de Clown, came up with the idea of doing a “Roast” of the inimitable Mr. Lobo. Events organizer and huge Horror Host fan, Jason Hignite, enthusiastically agreed and the stage was set!

If the event was indeed akin to a barbeque, then it was one where the cook’s underestimated the flame and managed to singe off their own eyebrows! The would-be roasters proved ill-equipped at handling the quick-witted host of Cinema Insomnia and many of the laughs appeared to  be on them. No matter. It proved an enjoyable occasion none the less, possibly more so in its unpredictability. But don’t take our words for it….see for your self!

The second portion of the event got even crazier with the appearance of a late-to-arrive, Karlos Borloff! Borloff’s onstage histrionics kicked the energy into high-gear while Lobo could do little more than shake his head…

Tune in next week for another incredible but TRUE “Tale from Horrorhound Weekend!”

The Daves~

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