An Interview with Horror Hostess Roxsy Tyler from Carnival of Horrors!


One thing the Daves have always had fun doing is interviewing as many of the great horror hosts as we can. The interviews have all been very popular on Terror From Beyond The Daves and we always try to ask questions that you don’t normally see in interviews. This time out, we present the one and only Roxsy Tyler, from Roxsy Tyler’s Carnival Of Horrors!

DAVID A: Were you a fan of horror movies growing up? If yes, what are some of your favorites?

ROXSY: Yes, I think 50 percent of the movies I watched as a child were all horror movies. I loved the HALLOWEEN movies, I couldn’t get enough of the NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET series, TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE, CHILD’S PLAY, and when I got a little bit older a lot of Bela Lugosi and Vincent Price films were added to the my mix of horror interest. My parents absolutely did not monitor the things I watched on television. They didn’t believe in doing that.

DAVID A: Did you have a local horror host when you were growing up? If yes, who was it?

ROXSY: I did, but I knew nothing about her at the time because I was a baby in diapers. We had Stella, the Maneater from Manayunk. I met Stella at MonsterMania in Cherry Hill, NJ last March and she’s one of the most wonderful people I ever had the pleasure of talking to. Her and Hives have been really supportive of me and my show. I want her to come back to TV so I can make up for lost time and actually watch her. Very wonderful woman and from what I have seen of her show Saturday Night Dead she was really talented and still is.


DAVID A: What made you become a horror host? Is it something you always wanted to do?

ROXSY: I actually decided at four years old that I wanted to be a writer. I went to three different writing schools, I published a book at 19, and I always intended to stay on course with that. I mean, you guys here at the Daves site know that because you let me write for your site sometimes (thank you!). I never intended to be a horror host. I flew out to Iowa to spend time and create some fun with Midnite Mausoleum and it took off from there. People started suggesting that I do my own show and I had the resources to do it so I gave it a try. Now it’s a big part of my life and it’s fun!


DAVID A: How did you come up with the character of Roxsy Tyler?

ROXSY: She’s been in my head since I was a little girl and then I wrote the three stories about her in my book. She’s a combination of my love of carnivals, top hats, rock and roll, super heroes and super villains. I combined every little thing I liked and Roxsy Tyler formed from it. Roxsy Tyler’s actual look is a different story. I’m a huge Aerosmith fan. In fact, I’m a third generation Aerosmith fan. I named my character after Steven Tyler and Aerosmith did a music video called “Sunshine” where Steven Tyler is dressed as the Mad Hatter. It’s a really cool video. Some people might think it’s weird but I think everything about that music video is so beautiful, including Steven Tyler’s clothes! I saw him in that video and said, “I really want to dress like that!” Other than that, I think of Roxsy as comparable to that clown at the dunk tank. The clown will antagonize you until you hit the bullseye and falls into the water. I wanted Roxsy to be that fun antagonist.

DAVID A: Using a carnival theme for the background of your show is pretty original. What made you decide to go with that?

ROXSY: My love of carnivals and my wanting something from my stories to carry on into the show. My second Roxsy Tyler story I wrote is called “House of Mirrors” and it takes place entirely at a carnival. Amongst the readers that second story was the favorite and it was my favorite as well. A carnival is the perfect combination of fun and fear. Some people are afraid of clowns whereas others find them joyful. Some people are scared of fast rides and upside down rides while others find thrill in them. The carnival is the perfect combo of fun and fear. I wanted that as a premise for my show.


DAVID A: If someone was unaware of ROXSY TYLER’S CARNIVAL OF HORRORS, what episode would you recommend as an introduction to your show?

ROXSY: Wow! What a great question! I would suggest starting with our very first episode but I think to get the best feel for our show the second episode is where you should start. We hosted BLUEBEARD and had a serial strangler on the carnival grounds whom we couldn’t identify. The writing was funny, the performances we gave were all top notch, it was the episode I had the most fun doing. I would even suggest for Carnival of Horrors fans who never saw our first four episodes to watch them. We had Tom Detrik and Bonnie Loev as part of our cast playing clowns. Tom and Bonnie are professional actors and they are actors that I very much look up to. Watch episode two and you’ll see why. For two people just doing it for fun they really brought it.

DAVID A: You have branched out into other acting avenues as of late, including Thomas Berdinski’s GIANT RUBBER MONSTER MOVIE, BOOLEY and the yet-to-be-released DEER CROSSING. Can we expect to see you in other similar projects in the future? If yes, is there anything you can share with us?


ROXSY: I really love acting. I really do. I hope to get more opportunities to be in more films. I’ll also be meeting up with the Zombie Hunters again to work on Season two of Zombie Hunters: City of the Dead with them. My character’s name is Cassandra Marx and they have me playing this character in my Roxsy Tyler garb which I think is very cool. I can’t say enough good things about those guys. I have a lot of love the group of people who make Zombie hunters possible. I’m also going to have a lead role next year in a movie called “White Balance”. I’ll be playing a demon. I’m very excited about it. If anyone else wants me in their movie… I’m available! Or I will make myself available! My entire cast love being involved in making movies.

DAVID A: Can you describe BOOLEY for us?

ROXSY: The story for BOOLEY is very fun. It stars Tom Detrik (who I previously mentioned played a clown on my show) as Angus Booley. He’s a normal guy who’s being pushed around in his life: He just got laid off, he suspects his wife (Raine Brown) is cheating on him, and his daughter is following in his passive footsteps as she is getting bullied by the most popular girl in school. He finds salvation in this motivational DVD but he starts taking its teachings way too far and starts killing people. The film is a very low budget. We had less resources than we do now but it’s a very entertaining film and the performances are great. I play Rose Booley, Angus’s daughter and I’m being bullied by Gina Lynn who’s actually an adult film star. Just to tell you right now… I’m not really acting in that film. I didn’t have to. I was Rose Booley back when I went to school. That’s why I don’t understand why some people who reviewed the film bashed my acting. The jokes on them because I wasn’t acting at all. It’s a fun film and you can really relate to Angus Booley. He’s doing what we only imagine we could do when life gets tough on us.


DAVID A: While filming DEER CROSSING, you got to work with Ernie Hudson (of THE CROW and GHOSTBUSTERS). What was that like?

ROXSY: Oh man. Michael Madsen was supposed to play Ernie’s role in DEER CROSSING but Madsen disappeared and didn’t honor his commitment to the film. We were supposed to go on Radio shows with him that weekend and appear with him at the MonsterMania convention. Mr. Potent asked me who we could approach about playing the part that would be at MonsterMania. I immediately said Ernie Hudson. He accepted the role that weekend because he liked the script and we shot his scenes a week later. I was really nervous before Ernie came into the picture and then when he did I was very excited. THE CROW is one of my all-time favorite films and I grew up on GHOSTBUSTERS. I introduced myself to him after he expressed interest in doing the film and to my surprise I was shaking the entire time because I was so star-struck. Ernie Hudson is a great, down to earth guy. He’s extremely comfortable to be around. He does not at all act like he’s Hollywood and at the same time he’s extremely professional. I got to share screen time with someone I’ve admired since I was a child. To have that happen so early in my acting career is just amazing.

DAVID A: Who are some of your favorite horror hosts of today?

ROXSY: There’s so many I like. I love Midnite Mausoleum. I think Penny Dreadful is the best thing since sliced bread. Victor Von Scary I really admire and enjoy watching. The hosts I boast about the most are the guys in Atomic Age Cinema. I wish they put out a lot more stuff because I can’t get enough of them. Their show is hilarious! I haven’t really come across a horror host I don’t like. I like and respect all of them. They’re my peers through and through. One of my goals is to work with the Bone Jangler. I think that would be epic and the guy is so damn smooth how can you not want to work with him?


DAVID A: I remember first seeing your character in pictures with Marlena Midnite from MIDNITE MAUSOLEUM. Were you on an actual episode? How did that come about and can we expect to see other host cross-overs with you in the future?

ROXSY: I was in episode #116 I believe it was. We hosted Carnival of Souls. I had been friends with Blake Powell for many years before he started producing the show with Marlena Midnite. Blake’s read my book and he was familiar with the Roxsy Tyler stories. I said to him one day that it would be funny to see Roxsy Tyler on the show and he thought that wasn’t a bad idea. So, I flew out to Iowa and I did the show. Plus, I finally got to meet Blake in person. Before that we were only myspace buddies. It was very cool. I think we all worked together very well. Blake, Marlena, and Robyn were all very good to me and I have much love and respect for them. Of course none of us, including myself, expected that I would start doing my own show. It’s really cool that a door opened for me when I least expected it to and it’s way cool to see how successful Midnite Mausoleum is getting as time goes on. I do have a crossover show coming up with Victor Von Scary from Fright Night Cinema. It should be out by early October.


DAVID A: It was great to finally meet you this past March at HorrorHound in Indianapolis. Do you have more convention appearances scheduled where fans can meet you?

ROXSY: None unfortunately. I’m so busy with the filming of Deer Crossing ad everything else that I don’t think I’ll be around until MonsterMania next March. I do love conventions though. If I had the time and money I would visit every horror convention in the country.

DAVID A: Since most modern horror hosts are limited to showing public domain films, is there on non PD film you would absolutely love to show on CARNIVAL OF HORRORS?

ROXSY: There’s so many I would love to host! TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE, A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET, THEATRE OF BLOOD, and I don’t know if it was considered a horror but I would love to host ERNEST SCARED STUPID!


I would like to thank Roxsy Tyler for taking time to participate in this interview. The Daves would also like to thank her for being a guest blogger here! Here most recent piece was “Three Horror Hosts and a Zombie Hunter Invade New Potent Media Flick!” and it can be seen HERE! Prior to that she contributed with “Roxsy’s Recap Of Monster Mania 17”. Check out part 1 HERE and part 2 HERE!

If you would like to check out Roxsy Tyler online there are many ways you can! Check her out on Facebook HERE! You can watch her videos via Vimeo HERE and their YouTube channel is HERE! The main website is HERE and their Livestream channel is HERE! You can watch episodes of Carnival Of Horrors HERE!

~David Albaugh

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