Lost Jerry G. Bishop SVENGOOLIE Screaming Yellow Theater shows unveiled TODAY!

sven2 From the collection of Richard Church

This past weekend, fans of the original Jerry G. Bishop Svengoolie had reason to cheer! The work of this classic host who was recently entered into “Ripley’s Believe it or Not” Horror Host Hall of Fame and spotlighted on this site early last month (which you can see HERE) had a short run in Chicago and, with the exception of various clips offered via AMERICAN SCARY and YouTube, very little else surviving.

Thanks to the efforts of Rick Klein – President and Chief Curator of The Museum of Classic Chicago Television, three COMPLETE “Screaming Yellow Theater” shows have been discovered, digitally restored, and available for public viewing via the Fuzzy Memories TV site TODAY!

This is the labor of love for Klein who began the museum in 2007. In the four short years of its existence, it has amassed a treasure trove of classic Chicago TV footage as well as the largest online archive of Rich Koz/Son of Svengoolie clips. Many are available on YouTube (1100 according to Klein) with MANY more on the site itself.

TERROR FROM BEYOND THE DAVES, as you may know, is a horror host friendly site. Both Daves are grown up fans of Son of Svengoolie and, since early last year,  have been enamored with the work of many hosts we scarcely knew existed. Jerry G. Bishop’s Svengoolie was a bit before our time but we salute the predecessor of our current Sven and are thrilled to have an opportunity to see complete examples of his work.

The work of Mr Klein and others around the country who selflessly work to preserve the work of their local classic TV hosts is a true gift! This being said, I’ve gone on long enough…

The time has come for scary things…like monsters, ghosts, and vampire wings…With horrible movies all drippy and drooly…and horrible hosts like me, Svengoolie!!!

SEE the Jerry G. Bishop Svengoolie shows HERE!

The Daves~


3 thoughts on “Lost Jerry G. Bishop SVENGOOLIE Screaming Yellow Theater shows unveiled TODAY!

  1. These shows were on two-inch quad video-tape reels- very difficult to get dubbed these days, because nobody has used the format in years. The tapes were kept by my dear friend, the late Don Shannon, for literally decades. It’s great that Rick could get them dubbed and viewable again!
    It’s quite a flashback for me- I was at most of the tapings, and recall those shows (also wrote stuff in them). Jerry G. was an outstanding broadcast personality, who did much more than just Svengoolie- and his generosity helped me get to where I am today.

  2. I just found my original Gerry G
    Bishop autograph of Screeming Yellow Theater. My sister and I stood in line outside Woolworths in Golf Mill shopping center.

    Too cool

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