Found Footage Film with a Mythical Twist: Trollhunter!


I’ve noticed lately that some of the best genre releases have been coming from outside of the United States. Hollywood, it seems, has run out of ideas and would rather concentrate on remakes and sequels than actually paying someone with an original idea. I will say though that some of the more recent remakes have actually been pretty good.

I first heard about TROLLHUNTER thanks to my favorite horror magazine, HorrorHound. This Norwegian film follows the concept of recent films such as THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT, CLOVERFIELD and QUARANTINE, where a group of people are videotaping the action as it unfolds. In this case a group of college students are making a documentary for their film class on strange bear killings going on in Norway.


In Norway, bear hunting is regulated and a poacher is suspected to be behind the mysterious deaths. The students find who they suspect is the poacher and attempt to interview him, beginning a horrifying ride they never expected. It turns out the “poacher” is a government-sanctioned troll hunter! Apparently the Norwegian government has been aware of their troll problem, using the excuses of bears attacks to explain attacks on humans and livestock and tornadoes to explain land destruction. Bodies of dead bears are brought in to further the charade.

thq10One of many species of trolls living in Norway!

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed this film and highly recommend it! I only watched the subtitled version so I am not aware if the English dubbed works as well or not. The overall special effects are good though to be honest, the appearance of of the trolls themselves range from goofy to downright frightening. The story is fast paced and never gets boring and though some of the trolls may look goofy, you certainly wouldn’t want to meet one in person! Andre Overdal, the writer and director, should be commended for a job well done!

~David Albaugh

To download a Podcast of POV Film discussions, including Trollhunter, download the link below…


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