Who, Me? Part 6: Double The Daves, Double The Fun!

By: Jamie Lee Cortese


During the course of my research, I stumbled (Cue Svengoolie sound effect:  “Ow, ow, OW!”) across Terror From Beyond the Daves via Svengoolie’s blog.  I was immediately struck (“OOOW!”) by how informative, varied, and, of course, just plain entertaining it was.  I also enjoyed how it was written by two fans of horror and horror hosts.  Before I knew it, I was reading it on a pretty regular basis.  Then, I suddenly found myself digging around back into the blog’s archives to read the articles that I had missed, and to reread some that were particularly helpful or fun.  It was through Terror From Beyond the Daves that I not only discovered more horror hosts (like Wolfman Mac), but also expanded upon my knowledge of the ones I already knew about.  I pondered for months about whether or not I should send out an e-mail to one or both of The Daves.  As it turns out, I wouldn’t have to.

When I read that both Dave Fuentes and David Albaugh would be attending HorrorHound in March of 2011, and I finally knew that I was going, too, I made sure I knew what each of them looked like, so that I would know them if I saw them at the convention.  I also promised myself that if I did see one (or both) of them, that I would go over and say, “Hi,” and, if time allowed, tell them about my project and just how helpful and entertaining their blog had been.

So, as I weaved wide-eyed about the convention, especially Horror Host Alley, meeting the horror hosts, perusing the merchandise, and with my camera ever at the ready (well, usually), I kept an eye out for them.  However, I figured that the chances of even catching a glimpse of either of them were pretty slim, because, in short, the place was packed.  Both featured guests and fans ran about the convention floor along with me, with each of us on our own unique path which, despite any and all preplanning and pre-calculation, we were, in all honesty, just making up as we went along.

After stopping at the Chiller Drive-In table, I had checked in once more at Ms. Monster’s booth (which was right across the aisle) to peruse the Ms. Monster merchandise they had on display.  I also checked out the Monster Channel table, which was perpendicular to hers.

Today was a day for gasping.  After gasping when first glimpsing Count Gore De Vol and Mr. Lobo and Dixie Dellamorto at their respective tables, I involuntarily uttered a third, which, for the third time, was (thankfully) promptly swallowed up by the commotion of the convention.  From my vantage point in front of Ms. Monster’s table, I saw a man standing before the Midnite Mausoleum table whose face I vaguely recognized.  Thankfully, one look at his T-shirt gave him instantly away!  Dragging my dad with me, I made a beeline for… David Albaugh!

As I mentioned before, with so many people, fans and featured guests alike, running around the convention, I never thought I’d run into either one of “The Daves”.  And yet, here I was.  True to my promise, I gave an enthusiastic, “Hi!”, going on to introduce myself and tell him how much I loved the blog and just how much it had helped my project thus far.

Suddenly, he looked over my head and said, “Oh, and there’s the other Dave now!”  I spun around and, sure enough, there stood Dave Fuentes!  I introduced myself to him as well, and David (they later gave me permission in an e-mail to call them by their first names) joined in to help me reiterate about my project and how helpful and entertaining the Terror From Beyond the Daves blog has been every step of the way.  They both instantly recognized, and were amused (and, as I found out later, actually impressed) by my Svengoolie outfit!  They then spontaneously offered to give my brother and me Terror From Beyond the Daves T-shirts like the ones they were wearing (See now why it gave David away?) later on that day!

Finally, after pondering for months whether or not I should e-mail them, I had the opportunity to actually meet the two men behind this blog in person!

Who, me?

Sunday morning, my parents dropped me off at the convention center (they would return a little bit later), and, seeing that Horror Host Alley was not yet open, I sat down at an empty table near one of the entrances, so that I could enter as soon as they were ready.

As I waited, I casually went through some of the autographs I had received the day before, while also making sure that my wallet and camera weren’t buried too deeply in my now-empty backpack.  I had actually filled it the day before, and had cleaned it out when I returned to the hotel room the previous night; as I would realize later that day, it was a good thing I did, because, by the end of the day, I would fill it again.

Then, just a few minutes later, I heard someone ask, “You don’t mind if we sit here, do you?”  I looked up, and saw that it had come from none other than Dave Fuentes!

Who, me?  Mind?  Of course I didn’t mind!

He and David sat down, and the three of us began to talk again, about anything and everything from Svengoolie to my project.  Although the “early admission” we were supposed to have access to never actually happened, I’m still very glad that I actually had the chance to sit down and talk with The Daves casually for a while before the insanity of the convention had set in for the day.

Who, me?  Write for a blog?

All this generosity, after only knowing me for about twenty-four hours!  I literally couldn’t believe my ears!

Meeting The Daves was just as exciting as meeting more horror hosts, and I am so grateful that, against all odds, I ran into them (thankfully, not literally) at HorrorHound this year.

Coming up in Part 7: Count (and Countess) Gregula!  Find out what happens when they suddenly appeared (as if out of nowhere) in Horror Host Alley!

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