CALL OF THE DEAD: Buffy, Trejo, Englund, and Rooker vs Romero’s Zombies!


TERROR FROM BEYOND THE DAVES welcomes guest writer, Alex Fuentes, for a teen review of an amazing new game!

I consider myself a serious video game player. One of my favorite games would be CALL OF DUTY: ZOMBIES where your job is to take on constant waves of zombie hordes while seeing how long you can survive on your own – or with your friends.

During the game, you will discover secrets behind the characters as well as how the zombies came to be. The company behind this game, “Treyarch,” came out with a content pack that would not only be suitable for the average gamer, but for horror fans as well. Expanding on their extremely popular CALL OF DUTY game, they recently released a spin-off titled CALL OF THE DEAD.


In CALL OF THE DEAD you can assume the roles of Danny Trejo, Robert England, Sarah Michele Geller, and Michael Rooker. Your job is to fight constant zombie attacks and tame the newly Zombified George Romero!

The game takes place at an abandoned lighthouse where George Romero is currently filming a new zombie film titled, CALL OF THE DEAD. As the movie is being filmed, a real zombie appears and drags off the famous director, leaving his bewildered actors to battle the zombies for real.


I recommend playing the game on the Xbox 360 where it is easy to invite your friends to join up in a pre-game lobby. To do this you must have purchased Xbox Live that allows you to connect to other gamers on the internet. You have to also buy CALL OF DUTY: BLACK OPS and 1600 Microsoft points that enable you to purchase the Escalation Map Pack that includes CALL OF THE DEAD. You can also play the game on Playstation 3, but the Xbox 360 receives the map pack earlier than they do.

xbox-360-consoleX-box 360

My three other friends and I have finally got into a comfortable rhythm where we can sit and shoot the zombies before George Romero comes to attack. We stand on the snowy surface near the lighthouse with our backs facing an iceberg, so that we don’t get hit from behind. One-by-one the undead army is completely obliterated, leaving only one more alive before the next round.


My friend, whose character is Michael Rooker, shoots off the zombie’s legs – leaving it slow and crippled so that we don’t have to encounter it until we’re done with our preparation. My character is Danny Trejo who comments, “An empty gun is no fun for anyone.” After grabbing a new weapon I run back to rejoin the group.

call-of-the-dead-trejo-rookerTrejo & Rooker against the horde!

Mid-round we accidently shoot George Romero causing him to go on a zombie rampage. We hop into the ocean with Romero hot on our trail. He jumps in too but, thankfully, the freezing water slows him down (while freezing Robert England). As I come to his rescue, I am soon surrounded by zombies and it’s GAME OVER for me! Michael Rooker and Sarah Michelle Geller soon follow suit – better luck next game!

Zombified George Romero!

I loved the CALL OF THE DEAD experience and had a few laughs when I heard some of the characters dialog that was true to their real-life roles. I recommend playing CALL OF THE DEAD as well as the rest of the Zombie maps to those who love horror films & video games while seeking a challenge! I can honestly say, this map is one of the toughest to play!


Alex Fuentes~

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