Let me start by being totally honest. I had NO idea what to expect when I received my copy of THE GIANT RUBBER MONSTER MOVIE: SASCRATCH VERSUS AFRODESIOUS! Sure it’s a great title! Sure a lot of the people who are in it had a lot of great things to say about it. But could it really be THAT good?!? The answer? ABSOLUTELY!!!

I received my disc directly from Tom Berdinski, writer and director (you may also know him as Sascratch and creator of THE ITALIAN ZOMBIE MOVIE PARTS 1 and 2). I have always been a fan of giant rubber monster movies, especially those starring Godzilla and Gamera. I am also a huge horror host fan and always enjoy the skits they do between movie segments. This short film (clocking in at about 30 minutes) takes the fun of a late night giant monster movie and throws in some horror hosts in cameo roles, and creates a parody of the very movies these very same hosts show every week on their programs.

Some of the hosts with speaking roles include Roxsy Tyler, Sigmund Zoid, Marlena Midnite, Robyn Graves and Count and Countess Gregula. Other hosts, such as Count Gore De Vol and Dr. Gangrene make quick appearances on a video screen. The story is pretty basic…an evil alien, Dr. Sigmund Zoid, from the year 25,000,000 A.D., steals a time machine to return to modern times to destroy all of the world’s livestock using a monster called Afrodesious. Miko, a young stowaway who is constantly mistaken for an 8-year-old (he is actually 10) escapes the alien’s ship making his way to the planet’s surface to try to save the day.

Marlena Midnite and Robyn Graves reporting the events on the Midnite News Network.

Will he be able to save the day by using one of Zoid’s other monsters, Sascratch (played by Berdinski) to fight the evil Afrodesious (who really does have an afro!)? You will have to purchase this disc and find out! In fact, I highly recommend you going to THE GIANT RUBBER MONSTER MOVIE Facebook page and order it yourself (it’s only $5 is you go through Facebook)! If you are a fan of cheesy movies then you will not be disappointed!

Afrodesious on the attack!

What is great about this movie is that it never takes itself too seriously. The scenes are over the top and there are all kinds of sight gags to keep you entertained. One of my favorites features Robyn Graves, reporting on Afrodesious’ attack. Marlena asks her how big his proboscis is and Robyn acts all innocent saying “I’m not gonna look at it! You can’t make me!” Even though the effects are not Hollywood quality, they work on so many levels here, adding to the overall charm of the film.

 Amazing miniature effects!

It’s obvious that everyone involved had fun making this movie, and it shows. Maybe it is because I have met these hosts in person that makes me partial to this, but I really think most people, if they give it a chance, will enjoy this film just as much! It has the feel of a bunch of good friends who got together, had a great time and filmed the whole thing and this is what it really is about. Having fun.

 Stars Thomas Berdinski, Brendan Bromley and Jeff Bromley.

For those of you who have seen, and enjoyed THE GIANT RUBBER MONSTER MOVIE, a feature length sequel is in the works with filming scheduled to begin in June!

Since the Daves entered the world of horror hosting, we have been impressed with the unique characters and personalities displayed in the public access realm. By taking a step away from their own shows and interacting with one another (via film projects such as this) they have not only created an opportunity to further develop their characters but have also discovered a refreshing alternative to public domain films. This also illustrates the positive outcome of horror hosts working in this medium to pull their resources and work more with each other. Recent projects such as THE HALLOWGREEN SPECIAL (featuring Dr. Gangrene & Penny Dreadful) as well as THE GIANT RUBBER MONSTER MOVIE show the results can be quite entertaining and have us Daves begging for more!

David Albaugh~


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