Diary of a Teenage Gore-Hound: Richard Braden

“Terror from Beyond the Daves” owes a tremendous debt of gratitude to our friend, Richard Braden, from Pennsylvania!  Not only is Richard responsible for this site’s great logo, he has been a continuing source of assistance to us regarding technical issues.

Richard Braden 2009 Photo

While it is true that most teens today are far more computer literate than us…well… more seasoned folks, Richard’s expertise goes far beyond that. The 15 year old prodigy is a huge fan of horror and has created some amazing videos paying homage to the genre.


Don’t let his age fool you. Richard has been a devotee of horror for as long as he can remember. “The first real horror movie I watched was John Carpenter’s HALLOWEEN on television,” says Richard. “After that it was PUMPKINHEAD. These were both on commercial television so they were edited of course, but I still loved them!”

John Carpenter Autograph

Tom Savini Autograph

Scout Taylor-Compton Autograph

With parents who supported his interests, Richard attended his first Horror convention at the age of 12. The event took place in Eerie, Pennsylvania at the annual “Eerie Horror Fest.” It was at this event that Richard met Dee Wallace, Tom Savini (whom Richard refers to as “his hero”), and cast members of the original DAWN OF THE DEAD (Leonard Lies, Jim Krut, and G. Joe Shelby).

Richard with Tom Savini in 2007 at Eerie Horror Fest

Richard with “Machete Zombie” in 2007 at Eerie Horror Fest

Having attended every “Eerie Horror Fest” since, Richard has developed an extensive collection of horror DVD’s,  celebrity autographs, latex masks, props, action figures, and comics. Aside from his tenacity, our young fan is also modest as he adds,”This might not seem like much to anyone, but I think the stuff I own at my age is a great start to my collection.” He’ll get no arguments from us!

Fangoria magazines and masks.

Last weekend, Richard attended the “Horrorfind Weekend” in Gettysburg, PA. He met another slew of great guests and will be sharing his own story of these events soon.

I’m happy to introduce Richard Braden to the horror world as he will, no doubt, be a name you’ll hear again. I am truly convinced that this guy has a real future in the industry!

Dave Fuentes~

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