The World of the Weird Monster Show gets Weirder!


As you may or may not know, the World Of The Weird Monster Show, starring Undead Johnny, is starting its 7th season (almost 75 episodes). For fans of horror hosts, this is quite the accomplishment as many of these types of shows do not last this long!

What is interesting here, is that after 6 seasons, Undead Johnny and World Of The Weird Monster Show are making some drastic changes and is sounds like a  great decision. We have watched so many hosts showing so many movies over the years. One of the problems though has been the movie selection. Since public domain titles are the norm now, we are seeing the same movies over and over again. For a show to mix it up is a pleasant change of pace.

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Ode to the Horror Host Sidekick: Interview with Penny Dreadful’s Garou!


Ever since Vampira cooed to her pet spider, “Rolo,” and the great Zacherly whispered “my dear” to an invisible paramour just outside the camera’s reach, sidekicks have been a common feature of horror hosted shows.

These companions are often as colorful and diverse as their host creators. Some are the skeletal variety such as Svengoolie’s Tombstone or Wolfman Mac’s conniving Boney Bob. Others are even more bizarre and imaginative such as Doktor Goulfinger’s Count Zygote (the world’s first horror host fan), Ms Monster’s..”ahem”.. melons “Tit & Tat,” or even a coy houseplant whom Mr. Lobo affectionately refers to as “Miss Mittens.”

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