Horror Hostess Stella Desire Glides into BLOBFEST 2012!

TERROR BEYOND THE DAVES is honored to have the inimitable STELLA DESIRE as our Guest writer, sharing her experiences at BLOBFEST 2012!

It was about 104 degrees outside the theater so I’m surprised my make-up isn’t still running down my face in streaks!¬† I thought at one point my cleavage would melt but, fortunately, it didn’t.

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10 Questions for Cinema Insomnia’s Mr. Lobo!


One of the funnest things about doing this site is dealing with the actual people we write about and getting their support. Horror hosts are stars to me and to be able to talk to them and e-mail with them is a dream come true! It was a great pleasure doing my piece MR. LOBO’S CINEMA INSOMNIA¬†and the positive response from both Mr. Lobo himself and his assistant Dixie Dellamorto was such an inspiration. Here I present to you a 10 question Q&A I did with Mr. Lobo and I want to say to him that I cannot thank you enough for taking the time to answer these questions! I really appreciate it!

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