2017 Rhode Island Comic Con Has Done It Again!


The 2017 Rhode Island Comic Con has come and gone and as in past years, Terror From Beyond The Daves was there. I have been coming to this event regularly and seen it grow and develop into a convention to be reckoned with. It truly is the biggest show in the smallest state.


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In 2014 I went to my first Comic Con, right here in the little state of Rhode Island. Though I had a great time, there was a lot of negative feedback concerning this event. Thanks to the timing of my visit I fortunately did not experience any of the problems that so many fans were up in arms about. One thing I will say is that the organizers actually learned from their mistakes in 2014 making the 2015 show so much better on every level, except for one.


The biggest issue in 2014 was that they oversold tickets and the crowds were so large that paying guests were turned away. On top of that, the venue ran out of food so if you left the event to eat elsewhere there was a good chance you wouldn’t be able to get back in. This was a huge issue for people who pre-paid for photo opportunities with the celebrities and couldn’t get back in. This year the event was located not only in the Rhode Island Convention Center but also in the Dunkin Donuts Center, doubling the amount of space for guests to go.


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Rhode Island Comic Con…Despite Its Issues Still A Fun Event!

There is no such thing as a perfect convention, whether it be a horror convention or comic book. During the weekend of November 2-3, Rhode Island hosted its very own Comic Con at the Rhode Island Convention Center which ended up on the news for two reasons. Not only did BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER star Eliza Dushku get robbed but the show was also oversold on Saturday and was shut down by the fire marshal because over 20,000 people showed up and the Convention Center was over-capacity.


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