Remco Monster Figures – A Blast From The Past!

I am a huge fan of toys; always have been, always will be. Growing up, I always leaned towards toys with a science fiction theme for my hours of playtime fun and some of my favorites were Mego’s Micronauts and the World’s Greatest Super-Heroes 8″ action figure line as well as the original Kenner Star Wars toys. While researching this article, and the toy company REMCO, I found that I also had a lot of what they had to offer back in the day. They may not have been the largest toy-making company but they did offer a wide variety of toys that made us boys drool when we saw the commercials or saw them offered in the annual Sears Catalog Christmas Wishbook.


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Enough Quacking about Svengoolie airing “Duck Soup!”


The other day I was at work perusing Facebook during my, ahem, lunch break when a post written on Svengoolie’s wall caught my attention. The negative comment was regarding Sven showing non horror related shows like tonight’s DUCK SOUP as well as suggesting that he change the name of his program to “The Abbott & Costello Show.” Apparently the writer, who felt the need to publicly chide Sven as opposed to sending him a direct complaint (which he would have responded to), had a TV black-out the previous weeks when he aired HOUSE OF FRANKENSTEIN, PHANTOM OF THE OPERA, and THE DEADLY MANTIS.

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A Sneak Peak at Penny Dreadful’s New Season of Shilling Shockers!


Living in Rhode Island, we have never really had our own horror host. The horror hosts I have seen over the years for the most part have been because of cable television and recorded shows that people have sent me. Thankfully though, the closest horror host we do have is also one of the most popular…Penny Dreadful from Massachusetts. Penny has been the subject of multiple blogs on our site and my co-blogger Dave Fuentes has an article coming out on her in the spring issue of SCARY MONSTERS MAGAZINE. Her show, SHILLING SHOCKERS, can be seen locally on cable access as well as on internet channels like THE MONSTER CHANNEL and ALTERNATE REALITIES TV.

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