Let me start by being totally honest. I had NO idea what to expect when I received my copy of THE GIANT RUBBER MONSTER MOVIE: SASCRATCH VERSUS AFRODESIOUS! Sure it’s a great title! Sure a lot of the people who are in it had a lot of great things to say about it. But could it really be THAT good?!? The answer? ABSOLUTELY!!!

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Dr. Destruction’s Dorian Gray Art Show: Horror Hosts and Horror Creations!


Back in 1984, the rural town of Kenosha, Wisconsin became the unlikely venue for a unique type of art show.  Local resident, Dale Wamboldt, was determined to create a venue where artists such as himself  (who delve in the more ominous side of creativity) could showcase their work for a public audience.  A fan of Oscar Wilde’s classic novel, “The Picture of Dorian Gray,” Dale was fascinated by the concept of using art to express his own darker side. Years later, he would adopt his own alter ego as a horror host, Dr. Destruction, while continuing the annual tradition of the “The Dorian Gray Art Show.”

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